“You did not eat that”, The New Instagram Hunting for The World Blogger

And I say blogger because most of the photos are taken from the feeds of bloggers, but we also find some that another celebrity. It is the new hit on Instagram and as well says the account name, @our site, is a compilation of caloric snapshots It is not very clear if they are there to eat, or simply to make the photo.

For me it is something new that I discovered thanks to an interview of NY Magazine to its author, but if you look at the first picture posted we see that this account of Instagram has been running since April.

Why start this Instagram? The author explains it in the interview:

“A month ago I was at an event and saw dozens of bloggers swarm around a table of desserts, making photographs and spending five minutes putting strategically sunglasses next to the macarons.” Then they walked away without eating anything.”

And is that macarons from Ladurée and donuts, According to the anonymous author of this Instagram, are the new Kings of Instagram, and copious meals you carry months being the protagonists of many photos uploaded by bloggers to Instagram. Pictures that we see the before, but never the after.

While some such as Eva Chen, Emily Weiss or Leandra Medine take it to laugh and even interact with the author of the account, other as Sincerely Jules and Emily Schuman from Cupcakes and Cashmere does not take it as well and they have even blocked him.

Photo | Youdidnoteatthat

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