Women with Style Together, Primaverales and Stamped

How wonderful is to see together these women as sex in New York but without the spicy component outputs, perhaps closer to the Hi society pages! but with a comforting touch of impossible glamour. They are de, they are rich, they are repelentemente ideal but we love them, and more, if they come in pack of two as Dasha Zhukova and Lauren Santo Domingo.

“ Perfect doñas ”. Nothing to do with the desanino and the equally stylish grunge airs of Chloe Sevigny…

Pure personality without any intent to save forms or fit into prototypes of posh. I love everything that gets Chloe because leading adapts it, sift it and transforms it to your liking. There is no design for superb that boasts that he can be with her: she always imposes itself on her dress and there is no more merit than that in matters of unique, personal and non-transferable. Another thing is that you like it or not.

So far East minidress autumn/winter 2010 / 2011 from Proenza Schouler, He hits a lot. Open shoe and sock is less transferable but feel her well.

Another whose looks are as little different, is Leigh Lezark. Those crumpled pants are one of those impossible clothes with more ballots for harm than good, but if they work.

The same thing that always works the simplicity of a little white dress as of Jessica Stam.