With ‘Tuula’ Uploaded. Inspired by This Girl to Go on Sale

This girl has me in total love. Since I discovered it a few weeks ago, there is no day that do not visit your page. And whenever I do my surprise (positive) increases more and more until you reach the sky. And is found to girls with style It is not an easy task. Not unless, if want to appreciate style and novelty. Because make no mistake, stylish girls are many, but that dress differently from all other … few. And yes, Tuula dressed in expensive clothing, but this doesn’t mean that we can not inspire in their outfits. So as we are knock-offs, we will walk through ASOs to inspire us in it. Are you ready?

The first image pants are spectacular, the pity is that €400 I separate them. But me not discouragement, as in the shop online ASOs I have found these £ 80 that can soothe my desire to seem me to it (I have a long way to go). With a Jersey knit very similar to yours can get an entirely stylish outfit, what do you think?

Lace and Red. So presented us one of her latest outfits with the island of Bali in the background. All very idyllic, all … if we are not going to Bali, Bali comes to us, or at least the outfit in the photo. A dress of all the resemblance but at a different price: less than € 54.

The lace shorts they are a must for this season spring-summer 2012. We are seeing them in Zara and Zara TRF, but at ASOs already seen for some time. Make like her and mix them with a top of vivid color, the effect is flawless.

Although this outfit at first glance may seem very easy to copy its what you have. Yes, who does not wear shorts and a white cotton t-shirt? Around the world, but who has a jacket in XXL floral? There is grace. Although it keeps coming face, there is this version with a more than 50% reduction in English shop.

And finally I show you a dress that she wore in one of her outfits and that by chance is from ASOs. The only downside? It is not lowered, Although they separate us from €60. Will you fall in the temptation?

I this time have clear, Tuula It will be my muse for this season.