Where to Buy Bermuda Men’s Stamped for Summer 2017

It is impossible to go through the summer without investing in, at least, a new bermuda of the new collections that fill the shops, after all, we are in Brazil and the workpiece is essential for hot days and relaxing moments.

Where to Buy Bermuda Men’s Stamped for Summer 2017

If you already have the basic models smooth below are our suggestions of bermuda men’s stamped for summer 2017:

Bermuda Prints For Summer 2017

Foliage and floral (prints botanical) are high, and, gradually, are conquering the men who already do not twist more nose to the print as they did in the past, in spite of the naysayers continue to exist.

The secret to achieving a result nice is bet on pieces with a dark background, which makes the piece more discreet and masculine.

For make no mistake, combining with pieces that are neutral and basic, the look will be balanced and discreet, but does not lose the modern style that the floral print lends the production.

Bermuda Twill Redley Floral

Brings the floral print on a piece of twill estonada, which gives the appearance of being more rustic bermuda. Can be combined with a basic t shirt or a linen shirt. We feet, docksides shoes, canvas are good choices.

Of R$ 259,00 for R$ 164,99 – Buy here!


Bermuda Twill Malwee Floral Black

Even more discreet than the previous tip, this bermuda twill goes against the image that we make of this kind of pattern: has background is very dark and drawings of median in discrete tones unlike versions geared to the female audience with bright colors and flashy. Combine with a short sleeve shirt smooth well light (can be gauze, cotton or linen), and white tennis shoes of the low pipe of leather or canvas.

Of R$ 135,90 by R$ 94,99 – Buy here!


Floral Bermuda Twill Request

This is for anyone who complains that the florals are too garish! The drawing is a tone-on-tone with the background creating an interesting visual and unobtrusive, breaking the visual stoned, which also gains more strength with the presence of the denim shirt, and its texture. To give a urban twist swap the tennis shoes the loafers for a casual shoes from leather or nubuck as well light and in light color, such as caramel, castor or sand.

For R$89,90 – Buy here!


Micro prints were highlighted for more than 2 years and following making success, both in shirts and shorts and pants. The standard gives a fun touch to the piece and takes away from the monotony, and may even be combined with other prints as long as they have different proportions, that is, they are larger than the shorts.

Bermuda Reservation Casual Abrico

The tone almost neutral in this bermuda allows it to be combined with strong colors such as yellow or red, and lighter shades and washed away as the shirt of the photo. The effect estonado gives a look almost three-dimensional piece, and the drawings turn into something unique and stylish. Feel free to insert accessories such as bracelets, necklaces or even a hat type is panama.

Por R$389,00 – Buy here!


Bermuda Twill Forum Benjamin Blue

The shade of blue on this shorts is certainly their most striking feature, helping to highlight it without it becoming exaggerated, in addition, of course, the nice pattern print. If you want to do a combo nice try on a t-shirt or the green shirt in a shade a little darker than the emerald.

Of R$ 368,00 por R$ 169,99 – Buy here!


Bermuda Sergio K Anchors

It is difficult to talk about this type of piece without bumping in nautical motifs, well the time has come! This bermuda Brad K brings a pattern made up of anchors on a brown background that makes a beautiful contrast with shirts in denim, chambray or linen in blue color (obvious). Here the trick is to keep on the feet the spirit of nautical and wearing a dockside bicolor (blue + red is great).

Bermuda Ellus Vacation Light Grey

How about something that can render a look to the new Year’s eve? This bermuda from Ellus is very light, stylish and funky with your designs coconut. You can combine with a shirt or white t-shirt or with a color so clear, but there is always the option of from to the high contrast and opt for a t-shirt black in one day more cool. To wedge serves as a sandal or a shoe type slip on canvas to places more urban.

Of R$ 329,00 por R$ 237,99 – Buy here!


Note: the above prices do not include shipping charges.