What Is The Star of The Moment in The Shops? Sweatshirts Conquer Trends

Anyone who doubts of the win sweatshirts a fact which set you already have. The study carried out by the Agency Editd shows us how in 2013 sweatshirts were new clothes that most arrived in stores. In total 100.532 hoodies, a figure that almost doubles other new trends such as the crop tops or printed pants.

Trends in 2013

By long crop top that we saw (and still see in 2013) these items were left in 61.165 units in stores around the world according to Editd, an agency specializing in the fashion world where he analyzes thousands of stores around the world with their respective sales, prices and distribution. In total, Editd has analyzed more than 500 brands in 2013.

New printed pants are raised with third place with 46.845 units and very behind already we see the bikers jackets and the bomber, with 11.611 and 9,506 units, respectively.

Garments that triumphed

The liveliest shirts or the Chelsea’s life. The dresses maxi or skinny jeans. And in the bags? The horizontal leather totes are the award according to Editd.

The success of each market

Each market has a product star making his main reference in sales. For the market General accessories they are the key to sales. A market whose most common price is around 25-35 dollars (18 to 25 euros approximately).

The underwear It is the star of the “premium” market. A market that is around 65-80 dollars (between 47 and 61 euros approximately). This market and the General share the outerwear as the least sold.

In the the luxury market the lingerie also wins as flagship. Surprised to see the dresses as the least bought garment. Price round 200-215-dollar (between 144 and 155 euros approximately).

The generalist market lives up to its title and supposed 62.3% of the total market, while that of luxury stays in last place with 11.5%.

Colors for spring 2014

A graphical representation of the colors that we’ll see this spring according to Editd.