We Are Knitters Choose a a Model of 60 Years for His Last Campaign

We Are Knitters It came up with looks in places like New York or Paris where the knitting has gone from being something forgotten to become one of the trends most cool. But we are not here to discuss that – also-, the model 60 years sea Zaldivar It is responsible for giving life to the new campaign We Are Knitters, a daring move that advocates the timelessness of the knitting and the expansion of the same at all ages.

As rightly said once (or many) Adolfo Domínguez, “the wrinkle is beautiful”, and María José Marín and Alberto Bravo, souls mater WAK pursued his words at foot juntillas.

Sea Zaldivar is the clear image of the tradition of thousands and thousands of women who due to their age and experience is not necessary to teach them to weave, and however, it is the perpetuation of that legacy, in addition, becoming a trend cool that advocates for the do it yourself or do it yourself.

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