Versace, Proposals for This Spring-Summer 2009

Versace is a synonym of Italian elegance, sophisticated colour and above all garments that have been designed as genuine works of art. It is the seal printed Gianni Versace to their particular medusa and which currently continues her younger sister Donatella.

Donatella Thus stays in front of the few family fashion houses that remain today. His image of woman fond of parties and extravagant has become the House brand and today is still considered as one of the most exclusive luxury firms in the world.

Proof of this are the famous advertising campaigns, directed by herself, and in which famous people as Madonna or the actor Patrick Dempsey (photo above) help to enhance the brand image, giving an extra addition to their collections of clothes and accessories.

The famous Grey Anatomy actor is who best represents the ideal male Versace, i.e. that of a mature, elegant and very sensual man who shuns stridency in her wardrobe for self defined as an authentic gentleman. Hence this summer campaign is quite classic in terms of colour and style is concerned, we have seen much tailoring in grey, black and marine.

Although in Mensencia We don’t want to forget the rest of the proposals we’ve seen on the Milan runway. Donnatella has returned to expresasarse using a monochrome language (very typical in it), with total presence of raw tone as the luce model Gabriel Aubrey pictured above in which only the belt, in Orange, escapes to the chromatic sobriety set.

The Mallow It is another fashionable colours, simply go to any store to check it. In this case the proposal presented Donnatella is shaped linen shirt, supporting the whole with jeans and sandals in raw tones. That brings the foulard sophisticated touch and trendy.

This crude tone is the real thing protagonist in the collection. In this case see it shaped cardigan buttons as well contrasting with the linen color shirt stone and the handkerchief in Pink.

And of the more clear and bright colour we pass to another not less trend this season summer, Navy Blue. This Versace draws a male silhouette using elegant garments such as American and pants in satin fabrics, always giving him that white light point on the shirt. Black leather Sandals added that fresh and summery touch.

It also uses more sport garments like this jacket buttons that push up to half of the arm. Sandals are similar to photo higher but closed at the instep.

All of them are fantastic, it is worth browsing the rest of his collection. That Yes, it is a pity that there are more points of sale to prove things and see it live, well, that and the price not accompanying at the time of deciding on something that you like.