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Vatican City 1997

Holy See is a country located in Europe. According to AbbreviationFinder, VA is the two-letter ISO code of Holy See, and VAT is the three-letter country abbreviation for Holy See.

Yearbook 1997

Vatican City. During the year, Pope visited Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Poland, France and Brazil. The trip to Brazil was John Paul’s 80th visit since he became pope in 1978.

At a conference in London in December, where experts from various countries discussed what had happened to the gold the Nazis stole in the occupied countries during the war, the Vatican City was accused of imposing an impartial examination of its archives. According to Countryaah, the national day of Vatican City is February 11. The Vatican City had previously been accused by the US intelligence service of receiving theft after Roma murdered in Croatia. The Vatican participated as observers at the conference but did not make any public reaction to the allegations. In the 77-year-old John Paul’s twentieth Christmas message to the world’s Catholics from a window on St. Peter’s Square, refugees, homeless, immigrants and unemployed played an important part.

The Vatican City’s current wealth stems in particular from the $ 1.75 billion investment lire, which it received by the Letrán Treaty in compensation for the areas it had lost in 1870. The wealth also came from donations from the United States and Germany in particular. These funds are managed today by the Institute of Religious Buildings – also called the Vatican Bank – created after the financial scandals linked to Banco Ambrosiano’s crack in 1982. Its intrinsic value is $ 11 billion. US $ distributed to many other banks, companies and land around the world.

In 1993, the state had a $ 1.7 million deficit. The same year, two unprecedented things happened: the workers of the Vatican organized for the first time with demands for higher wages and pensions; During the Pope’s trip to the United States in June, for the first time, commercial exploitation of his image sold on posters and jerseys was granted.

Two years later, the Vatican released a CD of speeches and songs by the Pope. It was sold in 20 million copies. In 1995, the Vatican’s budget deficit was again turned into a surplus.

The chairman of the Episcopal Conference in Germany, Karl Lehmann, shook the Catholic world in January 2000 when he declared that the then 79-year-old pope would retire if he himself came to the conclusion that he was not in able to continue in his office as pope. Lehmann thus broke the taboo of not speaking the sensitive topic of the Pope’s resignation. Resignation is possible under the papal law, but is exceptionally rare in the Vatican’s millennial history. The most recent examples are from the year 1040, when Benedict IX and Gregory VI resigned for various reasons.

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Throughout the 1990s, numerous accusations against Catholic priests for the pedophilia shook the Vatican. The victims received a total of 119.6 million. US $ in damages. The largest compensation sum in the history of sexual assault. In November 2001, for the first time, the Pope published a 120-page document in which he indirectly better apologized to the clergy for the clergy. However, a communiqué from April 2002 following a meeting between the Vatican and North American Cardinals refuses to introduce “zero tolerance policy” towards the pedophile priests.

Vatican City Military