US 283 in Kansas

US 283 in Kansas


US 283
Get started englewood
End Norton
Length 218 mi
Length 350 km
  • Oklahom
  • Aenglewood
  • Minneola
  • Dodge City
  • Jetmore
  • Ness City
  • WaKeeney
  • Hill City
  • Norton
  • Nebraska

According to, US 283 is a US Highway in the US state of Kansas. The road forms a north-south route in the western half of the state, from the Oklahoma border through Dodge City and WaKeeney to the Nebraska border. The road is 350 kilometers long.

Travel directions

At the village of Englewood, US 283 in Oklahoma enters Kansas from Sayre from Sayre and then runs north through a sparsely populated area. Northwest Clark County crosses US 160, an east-west route from the Liberal region to Arkansas City. A little further on, at the village of Minneola, one crosses US 54, the main road from Liberal to Wichita. Then you enter Ford County, where the town of Dodge City is located, one of the largest cities in western Kansas with 25,000 inhabitants. Then follows a short double numbering with US 50 and US 56, both east-west routes. Ok one crosses the US 400 here, which runs to Wichita. The road crosses the Arkansas River here, then passes through Hodgeman and Ness counties. You come here through a flat agricultural area with a few small towns such as Jetmore and Ness City. Farther north, at the village of WaKeeney, one crosses Interstate 70, the east-west highway from Denver to Kansas City. Shortly afterwards you cross the River Saline, passing through Trego and Graham counties. In the village of Hill City, you cross US 24, which runs parallel to I-70. The last town is Norton, in Norton County. Here one crosses US 36, the lonely east-west route through the north of the state. About 20 kilometers later the border with Nebraska. follows. US 283 in Nebraska then continues to Lexington.


US 283 was created in 1931 and at the time ended on the Oklahoma-Kansas border, so it didn’t actually pass through the state of Kansas. In 1932, the northern terminus was extended to Dodge City and Ness City in 1935, then Norton in 1938. In 1941 the route was extended into Nebraska, making the current route through Kansas a fact.

In 1932 the entire Kansas route was unpaved, although there were a number of improved gravel roads near Dodge City. North of Norton the road did not exist at all. In the late 1930s the situation had improved little, only the road from Norton north to Nebraska was built as a dirt road. Around 1940 large parts of US 283 in Kansas were paved, in 1941 almost all of US 283 was paved, except for a part south of Wakeeney and north of Norton. These two parts were asphalted in the second half of the 1940s.

Traffic intensities

Due to the limited population, US 283 is a quiet road. Some 700 vehicles cross the Oklahoma border every day, rising to 2,300 for Dodge City. North of Dodge City this drops from 1300 to 800 vehicles per day. At WaKeeney off I-70, 1600 vehicles are driving, and 900 are headed toward Norton. 600 vehicles cross the border into Nebraska every day.

List of busiest highways in Kansas

This is a list of busiest highways in Kansas, a state in the United States. The numbers come from the state’s Department of Transportation. The intensity is from the location north or east of the indicated intersecting road.

road number Place Location Intensity (2007)
I-35 Overland Park US 69 161,000
I-35 Overland Park 75th Street 151,000
I-35 Overland Park 67th Street 146,000
I-435 leawood Roe Avenue 138,000
I-435 Overland Park Metcalf Avenue 137,000
I-35 merriam US 56 134,000
I-435 Overland Park US 69 132,000
I-35 merriam Johnson Drive 130,000
I-35 Overland Park Antioch Road 129,000
I-435 Overland Park Quivira Avenue 122,000
I-435 Overland Park I-35 119,000
I-435 Lenexa Lackman Road 116,000
I-35 Lenexa 119th Street 113,000
I-35 Kansas City Lamar Avenue 113,000
I-35 Kansas City I-635 110,000
US 54 Wichita Broadway 106,000
I-35 Lenexa 95th Street 104,000
I-35 olathe Santa Fe Street 102,000
I-35 Lenexa I-435 102,000
I-35 Lenexa Quivira Road 101,000
I-435 Lenexa SR-10 101,000
US 54 Wichita Arkansas Street 101,000
US 54 Wichita Seneca Street 100,000

US 283 in Kansas