Update: Camper Celebrates the Next Loveday on Halloween

Heart instead of pumpkins, joy of life instead of fear factor – camper Halloween just rotates 180 degrees and calls out the American customs day to the LOVEDAY! Yes, the a or others may have noticed already it of you, because the company has written oversized on the flags, to proclaim your LOVE message in all capitals of Europe and there you shall of course not empty go out.

Camper appeals to your creativity and invites you to share your inspiration. To achieve all shoe lovers without Instagram and Twitter, you have now the chance to grab a nice surprise in the big camper stores from 19: 00 on Halloween. How it works? 

Answer the question just “what do you think when you see this shoe?”, by coming to the store with an object or photo that reminds you of this shoe. So in short: Bring Association and get a surprise. With a little luck even a pair of shoes!

camper thinks when looking at the Pelotas shoe of a classic football. In the model of Valley, they see a cat and they associate the wedge sole of the Kremer shoe with a piece of chocolate cake – only as a small inspiration injection!

Goes on the 31 October from 19: 00’s so going on. Here in Berlin in the new Saeed Ibrahim str. 11, and in all other big cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, NYC and Milan.

The other pilgrimage sites can be found here!

Madrid – Gran Via, 54
Barcelona – Plaza de los Angeles, 4
Paris – 4, Rue Aubry le boucher (Centre Pompidou)
London – 8-11 Royal Arcade, 28 old Bond Street
Milan – via Montenapoleone, 6
NYC – 125, Prince St., Soho