Universal Studios Hollywood, California

Universal Studios Hollywood, California

The “Universal Studios Hollywood” at Universal City Plaza are a must for every visitor. The theme park is one of the most popular of its kind.

Anyone traveling in California and coming to Los Angeles will have a problem that is as beautiful as it is huge. There is so much to see in this region and in this city that a few days are impossible to visit and process almost everything. So there are serious decisions to be made. It’s good that there are at least a handful of highlights that do not need any ifs or buts. One of these “must visits” should definitely be to the periphery of LA. The “Universal Studios Hollywood” at Universal City Plaza are a must for every visitor. For one, because Los Angeles, Hollywood and the film industries are simply inseparable. Secondly, because “Universal Studios” are one of the most popular theme parks in the United States and thirdly because discerning cineastes will have just as much fun here as families who just want to spend an exciting, unforgettable day together.

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Leisure, amusement and theme park in one

The “Universal Studios Hollywood” can be called an amusement park, amusement park or theme park. In fact, they are a mixture of two worlds. The studios not only continue to shoot movies to this day, but also produce various news programs and TV documentaries here every day.

At the same time, the park is also a kind of film museum where visitors are guided through world-famous sets. This includes the structures for scenes from “ET” and “Jurassic Park”. But production secrets such as “Shrek” or “Spider Man” can also be seen here up close and in the truest sense of the word. Of course, visitors are not let loose on such a tour on their own. You will be placed in a comfortable path that will lead you through the wonderful world of the studios.

Attention, earthquakes and shark attacks!

But it doesn’t stay too cozy for long. The most famous film studios in the world would not be the most famous film studios in the world if they didn’t have a few, let’s call them “surprises”, in store for their visitors. So please buckle up and take good care of the little visitors. It could well be that they can still be disturbed by special effects such as an avalanche accident, an earthquake, as well as attacks by the great white shark and extraterrestrial knights. In fact, there should have been more than one visitor who was a little white after this tour.

Of course, this is reflected quickly under the Californian sun. Especially when you take a break on the “Universal City Walk”. On the Walk, which has already been described by fans as the “coolest pedestrian zone in the world”, the visitor strolls past cinemas (how practical!), Restaurants, snack bars, night clubs and loads of shops. By the way, the “Universal City Walk” is also worthwhile if you don’t want to visit the studios. It is located directly at the entrance to the park and is accessible without an entrance fee. The shopping opportunities go far beyond shopping for souvenirs and the nightlife includes plenty of live shows, music and dancing.

Even in the dream world there is real work

But back to the studios themselves, for which visitors of course have to pay an entrance fee. It is, however, comparatively civil; there are also collective tickets for families. By the way, the “Universal Studios Hollywood” are open daily from at least 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On certain public holidays and during the summer months there may also be extended opening times.

For the entrance fee, the guest is offered a lot beyond the unlimited day’s stay. For example, you can watch real film and TV shootings behind the scenes. Stunt performances are also offered and even entire musicals are on the event calendar. For the younger visitors, of course, something completely different might be interesting. In the “Universal Studios Hollywood” you will meet well-known characters from films and cartoons; modeled after the Walt Disney theme parks. There is also a designated amusement park on the site, which offers various roller coasters, white water tours, carousels and other family attractions.

A little look back into the stone age of the film

Incidentally, the beginnings of “Universal Studios Hollywood” go back to the Stone Age of film. The studios were first opened to visitors in 1915. Back then, silent films were made there. It was only opened as an amusement park in 1964. The studios have not all seen good times since then. Several times, parts of it were destroyed by fire. On the other hand, the “Universal Studios” brand has not only established itself in Hollywood. There are comparable offshoots, for example, in Orlando in Florida and in Singapore.

This hype in Hollywood is ready for a movie

One thing is clear: Whoever is the “Universal Studios Hollywood” in Los Angeles visited, he is an outright film fan. Here you can finally take a look behind the scenes of the film industry and discover some of the secrets of the industry on original sets of famous films such as “ET” or “Jurassic Park”, “Shrek” or “Spider Man”. But is the thing about the fascination of the studios really as clear as one might think? The “Universal Studios Hollywood” is by the way also a great amusement park with breathtaking roller coasters, imaginative carousels and wild water adventures. Just for these “attractions”, as the rides and railways are called in the USA, are worth a visit. By the way, from June 2015 the offer will be enriched by another highlight. From then on, visitors can travel up to 160 kilometers into the fast-paced world of “Fast & Furious ”immerse. The special effects that kidnap the guests into a world of international crime and super-fast cars are likely to surpass anything that has been seen in this area.

Great fun for the whole family

Admittedly, attractions like “Fast & Furious” are not equally suitable for all age groups. But that can certainly be said of the “Super Silly Fun Land”, that from toddlers to grandma and grandpa, the whole family should be enthusiastic. In this fantasy land not a single eye stays dry in the truest sense of the word. The stay there is not only fun, but also offers a lot of brightly colored splashing fun. With over 80 different water features, it’s probably wise to bring a few towels or some extra t-shirts. Children and teenagers will definitely love the “Simpsons Ride” too. Thanks to brilliant animations in the world’s best high definition quality, the guest immerses himself in the world of Homer Simpson and his family. There is a pre-show before the actual trip,

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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Heart racing guaranteed: rides and animation in a class of their own

Adult guests, but certainly also young people, will get heart racing in a 3-D experience that has won various awards. The fight between King Kong and a T-Rex dinosaur will be an unforgettable experience in the “King Kong 360 3 D” attraction, which of course will give some goose bumps. Visitors actually get the feeling of being right in the middle of it all and being there. By the way, the “Revenge of the Mummy” (English title: “Revenge of the Mummy”) is not for the faint of heart. This attraction takes you back to the high culture of Egypt at a fast pace – there, however, preferably to the burial chambers of the pharaohs.

The amusement park of “Universal Studios Hollywood” has a few more rides to offer. But in addition to these “attractions”, the guest can simply eat and drink in between times, there are plenty of stalls with games of skill as well as lottery booths and souvenir shops. Basically, the amusement park is a gigantic hype at the highest technical level and with a consistent theme that is inspired by the Hollywood dream factory. If you are in LA you should not miss this attraction.

Universal Studios Hollywood, California