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United Arab Emirates 1997

United Arab Emirates is a country located in Asia. According to AbbreviationFinder, AE is the two-letter ISO code of United Arab Emirates, and ARE is the three-letter country abbreviation for United Arab Emirates.

Yearbook 1997

United Arab Emirates. According to Countryaah, the national day of United Arab Emirates is December 2. The authorities in Dubai, one of the seven emirates that are part of the United Arab Emirates, admitted that they expel foreigners who have been found to be HIV-infected. Nearly two-thirds of Dubai’s oil-rich population consists of foreigners who need to apply for a residence permit or to renew their visas. On these occasions, the immigration authorities take blood tests on the applicants. Those who prove HIV positive are denied a residence permit and registered so that the authorities can check that they are not returning.

United Arab Emirates Military

Two executions in the United Arab Emirates in mid-September were criticized by the EU. The criticism prompted the member states of the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council to formulate at a meeting in October a sharp note in which the EU was accused of involvement in the United Arab Emirates judiciary. The note asserted, inter alia, that the application of the Islamic law, sharian, has been proven to guarantee security, stability and economic, cultural and social prosperity.

History. – The contrasts between the tendencies favorable to a development of the centralization process (carried out especially by the Abū Ẓabī) and those advocating a more autonomist line (of which Dubai was the spokesperson) marked a good part of the seventies making, between other, it is impossible to approve the definitive Constitution. Even the decline in oil sales around 1984, although it had little impact on the overall solidity of the federation, accentuated the differences between one and the other component: consolidation of the Abū Ẓabī, development and enterprise of Dubai, difficulties of Ra’s al- H̱ayma with the bankruptcy of the Arab Coast Bank, dynamism of al-Fuǧayra.

However, the problems and fears that arose with the Iranian Islamic revolution and then the dangers of involvement caused by the Iran-‘Irāq conflict led the UAE to greater coordination, marked, on the one hand, by the establishment of diplomatic relations with the USSR (13 December 1985) and, for another, by the increase in military spending which reached 2.2 billion dollars in 1986, equal to 35.3% of the national income. With the end of the war between Iran and ‘Irāq, the UAE returned to its commitment to the integration of economic initiatives, trying to overcome those conflicts that had decreed the failure of the 1981-85 five-year plan. The presence of foreign labor and the UAE was also reduced

The hopes for a more favorable political-economic evolution were however dispelled by the precipitate of the crisis between the United States and ‘Iraq after the invasion of Kuwait in August 1990. Directly involved also for the fear of pro-Iraqi agitation by the hand of immigrant Arab workers, financially committed to supporting the Western camp and the Kuwait government-in-exile through bank investments and petrodollars, the UAE not only considered the American military intervention in the region positive, but also wished it to continue on a basis and garrisons even after the war ended in spring 1991, also in terms of security against Iran.

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In April 1992, the occupation by the Iranian forces of the island of Abū Mūsā flared up a controversy, which had begun in 1971, relating to the possession of the same island and of two other islets located west of the Strait of Ormuz.