This Is The Robe That Started It All: The Origin of The Empire Inditex

We’ve heard it thousand times: Amancio Ortega began selling gowns and now runs one of the largest textile empires of the world. He has been much repeated that phrase already almost sounds like urban legend. But no. It’s true. The first business foray into the textile world of the Leonese entrepreneur was making dressing gowns, under the signature of GOA (his initials, upside down). And, now, an exhibition has investigated up to give one of them and display it as one of the 100 objects that has shaped the history of Galicia.

The exhibition «Galicia 100. Object counting unha culture» (Galicia 100. Objects to tell a culture) opened yesterday at the headquarters of Afoundation, in A Coruña, after passing through Santiago de Compostela. It displays objects ranging from Neolithic pieces to the Codex Calixtino, medieval sarcophagi, Sargadelos Dinnerware or… a gown of GOA. Because on that robe was founded an empire, Inditex, which has now transcended all borders.

Already in that robe you can see some of the innovations that have always characterized Inditex. Tissues were different from those used at the time and the designs were often changed. Amancio Ortega and his then spouse Rosalia Mera opened its first Zara store in the Centre of A Coruña in 1975, based on the firm idea of the entrepreneur’s always looking for the best locations for its stores.

What happened here already know it… More than 6,000 stores worldwide, 128,000 employees and Ortega become the man the world richer. And everything from that robe which is now displayed in the hometown of the company.

A photo posted by @beadiazo 1 September 2016 (s) 4:40 PDT

The curator of the exhibition recognizes that It was not easy to find the garment. She was found in a haberdashery of Porto do Son (A Coruña). No one believed at the time that become object of Museum. Nobody believed, too, that the incipient GOA become Inditex.