They Are a Pair of Louboutin Accompanied ZEmaitijos Amputated, Please!

What the provocation for sale It is a fact as true as that the neighbor of the fifth puts music blaring just when you you have to take the NAP, and no more. There are many brands to the length and breadth of the planet that have joined truck scandal, advertising is right-on and ECHO goes to unexpected places, a quite economic strategy in terms of scope in which it is entrusted Christian Louboutin for its latest campaign.

At this point no one surprised see a mannequin with pubic hair, or even play a spot in which a woman decides to click a condom with the idea of becoming pregnant, among many others signs of provocation invasive to which we are exposed every day – remember if not any notice of fragrances -.

However, not all harassment follows the same line, and if that does not say it to the Master of the Red sole, who has decided to present their designs for the next Autumn/winter 2014 / 2015 through a calendar with amputated legs impeccably presented inside luxury boxes. Are we one of the greatest examples of bad taste?

However, and in the same way that took place with Unequal o American Apparel, Twitter has achieved that this campaign advertisements to multiply, which were not so do not provide this pinch of incitement and macabrismo.

So what are we left?, in advertising and fashion everything OK?