The True Trend of the Isle of Wight Festival.

The festival of the Isle of Wight the past weekend took place and after make you the official Chronicle of Mosses, Xungs and other wildlife ‘in’ and its proposals that led me to yawn and contemplate, now have fun and learn, maybe a little bit, the risky and personal clothing of some attendees.

There pulularon true magicians of mixtures, princesses of irreverence and followers of “what I put does not appear in the style”.

Paloma Faith, who by the way is half Spanish, on stage with a look that I love. It is not that I recommended to go to the rack to tomatoes but I’m dying for this headdress.

In the first images we saw it also with its distinctive retro style, very Betty Page and with a headdress of the pin-ups of Elvis movies.

Pink, accompanied by two dancers that look like outputs of Alice in the Wonderland country.

Marina Diamandis, Marina and the diamonds, with reefer “play it again Sam” and a stars and stripes bag.

Florence Welch, Group Florence and the machine with a punnet wants already and a jacket of perfect mixture and cowboy jacket I want before already.

Coco Summer in full action of his band I blame Coco, her parents will be watching it Sting and Trudie Styler?

Florence Welch, in another of her looks which shows their outfits on stage well cattle have their fame. That is what to do with a garment.