The T-Shirt That He Pulled The Stormtrooper from Star Wars, out of The Closet

Made me grace see this t-shirt to our colleagues from environment G. If recently we told you about the attractions that have some brands by launching thematic collections inspired by Star Wars, as it was the case of Adidas and their slippers, now it’s the turn of t-shirts.

With the name of ‘ Hot Stormy Lovin’, so is the shirt model is defined, we have a t-shirt on a black background and cotton in which we can see the famous soldier Imperial, the Stormtrooper, giving the lot with a guy. So assuming that the sex of the Stormtrooper is male, you can say it is an output full-scale of the closet of one of them.

Light-hearted, fun, and for a very reasonable price: only €15.40. More fans, a t-shirt without any precedent.


Chapter 19

Chapter 19