The Spanish Firm POL Falls in Love with Lady Gaga and Strain in His New Music Video, “G.U.Y.”

At the end of last year, Miley Cyrus relied on a white mesh dress signed by Maria Ke Fisherman, and a little later Katy Perry surrendered to the charms of a design by Maria neckline (also grid) to pick up their prize at the MTV Music Awards 2013, but not need someone to complete the tandem of singers in love of the? fashion Youth Spanish?, exactly, the controversial and brilliant Lady Gaga, that has succumbed to the charms of the young firm POL, an of the members of the EGO.

Nothing and no one escapes the clutches of Spanish fashion, and not only we are talking about the rapid rise of DelPozo – now with Indre Rockefeller among its ranks – that also.

The fashion made in Spain in their lines more irreverent and cheeky has crossed borders, crossed oceans and conquered some of the singers more controversies and offenders of the moment, are the latest to sign up to the list? Lady Gaga, you have chosen one, if not two designs of the POL firm headed by Paula Andrés and typical of the EGO from a couple of seasons ago.

A black bathing suit with metal zippers in the purest style dominatrix and a white dress with open back and transparent details in their pockets have been two elections of Lady Gaga for his latest music video, G.U.Y, an overproduction of more than 10 minutes that already exceeds the 15 million views on Youtube.

Three cheers for the promising Andrés Paula! Who by the way, was two seasons working side by side with Antonio Alvarado before creating her first collection.

And here the great video, enjoy it!