The Look Right: Visual Biker with Tailoring

It is important to use creativity to get out of the visual stereotypical, especially when it becomes a kind of uniform, and comes instantly in our mind when it is quoted. The look biker follows this path, it is difficult to imagine a rider classic without a jeans, a black t-shirt, beard and long hair in the more modern versions, or topetões if your reference comes from the 50’s. This combo shows us that it is possible to insert two or three new elements in this scenario without leaving the context, you understand better:

The Look Right Visual Biker with Tailoring

Why does it work?

The basis of the visual biker was respected: we have clothes basic, so basic that refrains from prints or patterns, only the tailored trousers displays a texture discreet caused by the mix of fibre, which gave a certain rusticity of the piece and ended up contributing to the final result; the boots follow the style that is in between the military and the rider, that is, the traditional coturno, here in a version with the barrel slightly higher than normal;as the pants have the trim dry gives to use it with the bars on the inside, if it were more loose it was just to let it out and bending it a little to highlight the boot; the t-shirt is appropriate, but do not need to have the sleeves short so; the leather jacket is a key item in this type of composition, but we can’t talk about it more because of the way in which the photo was taken.

About the grooming, it is interesting to note that even without the beard and the shaggy hair, the clothes still speak more loudly in this type of combination, you can leave the face clean and hair nice one without breaking the “character”.

Try this…

add sunglasses to the visual bad boy, they can’t be missed. Also, it is worth to complement with a leather belt casual and discreet.

It would not be the same thing if…

the tailored trousers were smooth and in a fabric very bright, and destoaria the style of the rest of the look.

In short:

  • the visual rider does not need to be full of clichés;
  • even jeans, which can give rise to a tailored trousers if it is within the style of the combo;
  • some elements are fundamental, in this case it is difficult to get rid of the leather jacket and the coturno;
  • pants slim fit can be used with the bars on the inside of the boot;
  • beard bushy and unruly hair are an option, but the style clean also works good;
  • sunglasses stylish are almost a must here;
  • in spite of his more conservative gives to use a belt casual black leather to give the finishing;
  • tissues clear and with visual very sophisticated and may not work, already dark with a mix are great.

Additional tips:

For chubby – a pair of straight will get adjusted in your body without squeezing, and in this case it is more stylish to give a folded in the bars to show a bit more of the boot, as the colors of both pieces are dark, there will be the effect of shortening the legs.

For kids – the boot thick sole and the dark pants are great to lengthen the silhouette, even more when you are wearing the jacket. This look is great for you!

For the altões – if the boot is adding stature and you don’t need it, try a tennis as the All Star high tops in black color and try not to use the jacket closed to avoid the effect of monolith.