The Famous Is Targeting The “LiveStrong” T-Shirts Armstrong

If there are any athlete that you can praise, among many other things, for his fight against cancer, it is Lance Armstrong. Since October 1996, while he played the Volta a Galicia, was detected in him a testicular cancer, has been a great example of perseverance and fight against cancer. He has participated in numerous turns to raise funds in the fight against cancer, he has given lectures and has offered his face and his name to the cause.

This is how emerged, many projects carried out, the joint campaign with Nike bearing the motto “ Live Strong ”. This campaign responds to a project called “ Wear Yellow Live Strong & #8221; whose intention is to try to collect money for cancer research, as well as its prevention and support all people who suffer it. They began with the famous yellow silicone bracelet “ Livestrong & #8221; It was taken off the market in May 2004, and now they surprise us with something more practical yet.

This time they have opted for a yellow shirt, Because color bespeak that it would always be that regardless of the type of garment to which should apply you. The logo of the campaign, “Live Strong”, has stamped, next to the symbol of the brand Nike, on one side and black.

And as not, those who make more advertising it are famous, is given to very good shoulder in this sort of thing to then have the salvaguardo from: “ I support the fight against cancer? Of course, that Yes, I go running every day with Lance Armstrong Jersey ”. Clear proof of this are the actor Matthew McCounaghey o Jake Gyllenhall, the protagonist of “Brokeback Mountain” that also used it to make sport although the bet on other model carrying the logo horizontally and centered on the t-shirt. But that solidarity which are the famous, mother & #8230;