The Enemy Is Not Kendall Jenner, Is The Fashion Industry

I thought to write a post talking about success of Kendall Jenner, how 2013 was the year of Kim Kardashian but this year one of his little sisters has snatched it is. I thought talk about all what had been achieved this year: campaigns, editorial in Vogue, being home of a september issue… but instead, I will speak of How has Kendall Jenner become the industry ball puching.

Is it because of Kendall or the firms that hire you?

I never thought that it would defend Kendall Jenner, It is not the best model and may those who criticize you have reason and the Kardashian without K not deserve being where it is, but what is passed to all them is that the problem is not of Kendall, the problem is who hires Kendall.

The latest criticism (could be considered attack?) that has come to light against Kendall has been the open letter that wrote the model Arisce Wanzer Portal The Blot last September, an article that was written makes four months but it has acquired notoriety this week.

In it, Wanzer requests Jenner which put in the situation of the models of “a small town or a country of the third world” arriving in a foreign country with a different language than his own, living in squalid conditions and working for four hard but spending thousands of dollars and time to go to castings, test shoots, and going to the gym. All this to make your dream day, then comes the parade for a big name as Marc Jacobs and find a reality star in backstage.

In the following paragraph of the letter the author collects different reasons why, according to the model, Kendall Jenner should not be there, “reasons” that go since she does not need more fame that already has, that does not need or a Green card or who has not worked even half of what others have done to be there.

The fashion industry is no different to others and as in other areas, not always triumph who most strives.

I understand the anger of Wanzer, I understand how frustrating it must be for someone that has been tried and worked to the maximum to achieve a goal see how another who one day decided to be a model gets it without all those hardships. But it is also true that not all the models have a past of misery (there are face Delevingne or Edie Campbell) and that, dear Wanzer, you just live thats the harsh reality.

How many times have seen actresses getting papers for the simple fact of being more popular than others even when the interpretive scope give them thousand laps? How many complaints heard in recent years from bloggers who complain because they strive but they don’t get the same recognition from others? How many times we’ve gone to a job interview for which we are more than ready but catch to another? What was said, the harsh reality.

Is in the last paragraphs of the letter from Arisce Wanzer in which is the key:

One by one like dominos from Vogue to Givenchy, fashion is selling out to the ignorant masses for money. What happened to the art, the cerebral part of fashion? Did it really all die with Alexander McQueen?

Because, in effect, the recipient of this letter should not be Kendall Jenner, but the signatures and fashion magazines that hire it.

Two don’t fight (or in this case collaborate) if one does not want to, and in this case have been firms and magazines who wanted to count on Kendall Jenner: Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, Topshop, Estee lauder… all they know what sells and, rather than wanting to, in recent years in which the fashion industry has become a pitched battle for popularity and sales they need such people to be noted.

The industry of fashion, and more even if it fits in the times in which we live is not a game, or a group of people who work for the love of art, fashion is a serious business that moves billions of euros.

Time will tell if Kendall (without the Jenner, who removed it) has come to the world of fashion to be or so brands to take advantage of his fame for a few years and When it is no longer profitable to seek the new Kendall Jenner. Because as says Hedi Klum on Project Runway: ‘ In fashion, one day you’re in the next and’, you’re out.

Photo | Gtres

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