The Corleone Most Fashionistas Show Off Their Long Coats

Long, very laaaaargo. Wraps will dress the feet to the head in the fall. The shelters three quarters see how they grow and grow to almost reach the ground in some cases. The legs are going to be piping hot and lovers of the style of the ‘Godfather’ will get under the skin of the Corleone. “Will do you an offer you can’t refuse” and the celebrities they are obedient.

Dianna Agron

Perfect is a term that is short to define Dianna Agron. Impeccable in his look of street, even with certain platform booties that could spoil the look of cobalt blue.

Suki Waterhouse extensive white

We see enough mixing between a skater minidress and a long coat as Suki Waterhouse.

Kendall Jenner’s long legs in black

Kendall Jenner looks legs but does so with a long coat to almost ankle and all in black with a pair of boots to complete the look.

Jaime King sleeveless

Jaime King prefers to show off arm before leg and take the scissors to remove the sleeves of his coat white maxi.

An autumn roasted by Nicky Hilton

The camel does not fail by autumn and Nicky Hilton also wants to bet on the extensive length even if the conversion in a Corleone fashion stays up to the knee.

Laetitia Casta

The mixture of trends of the moment can go wrong stop. These long coats need a swag or a fine shoe that style legs, them looking good. Musketeer boots is just the latest that requests a design as well. Laetitia Casta does not advantage a flawless color coat Eggplant with some suede boots to spare much cane.

Photos | GTres

Jezebel fashion coats

  • Wraps stuffed or fluffy coats will be the undoing of the winter
  • Back to the “college” with the trencas
  • Trends returning: feathered versus padded vests * coats that you plug the cold and you dress up from head to toe