The Best Looks with This Jacket as a Protagonis

In the middle of December We can already say that the winter is here. It is time to put on warmer clothes without losing the glamour and as such we show you the best shelters in print-animal What’s on the market. Why? Maybe if you can combine it is a great piece to your outfit. But watch out! The combination of clothing and accessories is essential, since it can make you move from one end to another, and what we want to always radiate is style.

For that, and looking at some celebrities, Today we will show the best looks with this jacket as a protagonist. And you, do you dare to wear your side Wilder? Kylie Minogue It points to this fashion and how! With a shelter/layer in this pattern, the singer chooses musketeer boots in black and leggings of the same color. And the truth is that it looks great.

The key is to give the total protagonisto in our shelter, so if we choose a total look in black we are perfect. An example? Nicky Hilton. Completely opposite to his sister Paris, the second in the Hilton clan makes its simple look with a chic one. Is so simple and easy your outfit! With a few Leggings in black, cotton t-shirt of the same color, a few ankle boots and your shelter animal-print, you will be the envy of holidays!

We found a very similar coat in Zara. This is with masculine traits, so we got together two trends in one, what more can you ask?

Musa where them, top-model forever ever and Queen of trends. Yes, we speak of Kate Moss and her endless outfits with this garment. Jeans, dresses, skirts … anything goes! But without a doubt, your winning outfit is as follows: dress bandeau in black, stiletto heel of the same color and wrap as a complement. Simply divine.

Get her look much less in

Another that breaks molds and has a style very personal and markup is Alexa Chung. You may like more or less, and although it is true that sometimes passed from ‘ modern ’, others many times the nail perfectly. One of their most desired and copied looks is none other than this compound by a dress one-shoulder, his inseparable feline coat and their insatiable ankle boots. She can afford it, and you also.

If you love your mini dress so much as my, say that it is of Topshop last season. Obviously in stores is no longer, but if you’re looking for by eBay It is possible for you to find it. Luck with the search!

And the same London firm is this coat with big pockets and straight lines. The best? Now you’re depressed!

And that we must not forget in this selection is of Emmanuelle Alt. The Fashion Director of Vogue Paris meet fashion to the millimeter and demonstrated by us in one of their endless looks from the street. She can only make this the perfect look of the face of the Earth.

These Christmas dresses simple but with a touch of glamour and swept!