Toledo, Spain

Landmarks of Toledo, Spain

The Spanish city of Toledo is located about seventy kilometers from Madrid. This city, which was built on a hill, is characterized by its location on the Tagus River and the many sights in the center. Indeed, Toledo has a particularly rich history that still influences the monarchy as we can experience it today in […]

Segovia, Castile-Leon (Spain)

Segovia, Castile-Leon (Spain)

The city of Segovia – the capital of the province of the same name – is located 90 km northwest of Madrid in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains on a rocky plateau at an altitude of 1000 m. It is part of the autonomous region of Castile and Leon (Castile and Leon). According to CALCULATORINC, […]

These restaurants outside of Eivissa

The 10 best restaurants in Ibiza

Families, beach holidaymakers, nature lovers, hippies, celebrities… The crowd of Ibiza tourists is mixed. The restaurant landscape on the dream island is just as colorful. The original Ibizan cuisine itself already offers a large selection of dishes: rabbit, lamb and poultry, and of course, as is the case for an island, fish and seafood. However, […]

Menorca's Most Beautiful Beaches

Menorca’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Something that Menorca is famous for, is the many beaches that are clean with crystal clear water and that are pure dream for divers and snorkelers. What is so nice about Menorca is that the tourists are not crowded like packed herrings but you can always find a secluded place to breathe. Whether you are […]

Spain Military

Spain 1997

Spain is a country located in Europe. According to AbbreviationFinder, ES is the two-letter ISO code of Spain, and ESP is the three-letter country abbreviation for Spain. Yearbook 1997 Spain. At the beginning of the year, Spain made a renewed request for a sovereignty shared with Britain over Gibraltar. The propane was rejected by the […]

Seville Attractions

Seville Attractions and Tourist

Attractions in Seville The Cathedral (Catedral de Sevilla) Seville’s foremost landmark and eye-catcher is the enormous and magnificent cathedral. This is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and has its roots from the late 1100s, when the Arabs built the city’s main mosque here. You can still see the inner garden, Patios de los […]

Navarre, Spain

Murcia and Navarre, Spain

Murcia in Spain The region Murcia belongs to the Autonomous Communities of Spain and is located in the south-eastern part of the country. The Murcia region is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea particularly an interesting area for fishing and holidaymakers. The direct neighbors of the area are Valencia, Castile-La Mancha and Andalusia. The province […]