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Stilschnipsel – The Perfect Look for Berlin Summer Nights

Today I still mourn my vacation a bit, but I am already looking forward to the warm Berlin nights. A very special dress will definitely be part of the show! I love the warm nights of summer holidays. With us you can count them on one hand. If you are lucky, you can sit in July with a • Read More »

Trench Coat: The Masterpiece of Thomas Burberry

In 1901, Thomas Burberry, founder of Burberry , and inventor of the gabardine, presented to the army of the United Kingdom model of the cover for the official creation that used the fabric in beige color by English which, among other things, it was lightweight, sturdy and waterproof. With its usefulness is recognized, the coat became an optional item between • Read More »

Some Best Street Stylers of Spain in Lookbook

I am a declared fan of Look book, for me, the best website of fashion that there is around the world. You could be watching hours and hours Street looks that have risen in Sweden or in the Philippines, there are no barriers. Normal people who share your styles with the rest. In Spain still it has not permeated • Read More »

The Best Looks with This Jacket as a Protagonis

In the middle of December We can already say that the winter is here. It is time to put on warmer clothes without losing the glamour and as such we show you the best shelters in print-animal What’s on the market. Why? Maybe if you can combine it is a great piece to your outfit. But watch out! The • Read More »

Street Style to Celebrate the Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we celebrate it with good weather and eager to enjoy the outdoors. Temperatures rise and He begins to crave fill our outfits of color and prints of the season. What better way to get our botanical side with the arrival of the florida season? Daisies, roses, tulips, and • Read More »

Pepe Jeans Continues Development to Andy Warhol

The truth is that the style of Pepe Jeans clothing has always been one of the most intelligent market: young clothing, without being label, wearing, comfortable and affordable more or less (rather expensive in my opinion). I’ve always considered it the elegant version of Levi ’ s, without being at all Dockers, I do not know if I explain.

Suits and Jackets

In a couple of posts now, we tell you about affordable fashion and highlight alternatives that don’t have crippling annual budget. The theme has been that style does not have the money to make and that one can find nice products at a relatively low cost. Today’s text will tie up the bag and focus on clothing • Read More »

Summer Jacket

A summer look takes planning. No way to make her suitcase at the last minute and end up in trouble when choosing a jacket for the summer. It’s true that this is not often the first garment that comes to mind summer, yet it is handy when a little cool breeze comes to give us goosebumps on • Read More »

Vintage Men’s Clothes

The 50-Rebel loves cool.  Some modes are not exotic few years. clothes of the 50s and 60s are not among them.

How to Wear White T Shirt

Mission # 1: find a quality white T-shirt ( hop here!) ; Mission 2: wear this shirt with style. Go, discover how bloggers are doing to always have the style T-shirt.

History of Bomber Jackets

MODE-The puffy sleeves, wide elastic, deep pockets. Leather, nylon or fabric, sometimes brilliant, sometimes khaki, even daring the orange lining. On the back in the disorder of American pilots, Dr. Dre, skinheads, from Kate Moss and of course Tom Cruise. Ever, it is really out of fashion, he has just been left in the cupboard. He works for a few seasons • Read More »

Mens Scooter Jackets

The scooter business class! List Price : € 259 (price June 2011) | Sizes : M to 3XL | Color : Grey The thick jackets of the past now give way to this coat designed specifically for Mac Adam to stress customer to a “dress code” exclusive. Specially designed for men in suits, jacket Mac Adam Berlin together elegance, simplicity and • Read More »