Some Best Street Stylers of Spain in Lookbook

I am a declared fan of Look book, for me, the best website of fashion that there is around the world. You could be watching hours and hours Street looks that have risen in Sweden or in the Philippines, there are no barriers. Normal people who share your styles with the rest. In Spain still it has not permeated strong but there is a strong community of street stylers.

After much search looks and more looks from street here goes my list of the 10 best street stylers of Spain on Look I leave the last post open to your suggestions, to see who is your favorite to enter the top 10.

Aida Domenech, it’s only rock’n ‘ roll (but I like it)

From Barcelona Aida Domenech gives the rocker view the list with several looks where the leather is one of the main materials, sent the jackets of this style and the black is the dominant color.

Cris M., chic style

Is not that I am very fan of the chic style sometimes too much forced by the street stylers but Cris M., of Barcelona, has some looks that it is worth entering this list of street stylers, others are too pose for my taste. I am big fan of this look with coat and over sized garments. It is prefect.

Irene Moon, youth looks

Clothing patterns, passion by pictures, air casual, leggings, dresses shorts or shorts. The truth is that everything in the lookbook for Irene Moon, a film student and 19 years Madrid.

Stella W, in search of style

Stella W provides different looks which have in common a search for a more sophisticated style for street but which in turn keep the essence of go comfortable. Short dresses, jeans as skinny, successful striped cardigans and especially this great coat.

Anna Ponsà López, modern looks

The modern face of the list starring Anna Ponsà López who dares most striking combinations and looks impressive at first sight, which mixed with other more casual trend.

Trini González, long life to short garments

Also from Madrid we see the stylist Trini González showing us looks fairly informal, with a special love dresses and miniskirts combined with or without stockings. Looks of air glass vintage in some cases and a lot of Sun, which is missing. That Yes, there is also a site for long dresses as the photo.

Alejandra G, less is more

And we continue in the capital with Alejandra G; stating that it is not intentional because I am from Madrid, but it came out as well. It has one of those styles that my yes I like. Simple, street, adapted to their age (has 25 according to the website) and with good simple garments seemingly get great results. In this consist of street, in comfortable and personal fashion looks.

Alexandra Per, from Vigo with love

From Vigo Alexandra Per shows us a variety of looks that worth to him to enter the top of the table. From the chic to the most sophisticated. There is a unique pattern.

Zina CH, the girl of the 1,000 looks

The winner this year in the category of Spanish street stylers on Look is Zina CH who has positioned herself as an example to follow in the platform. Spectacular combinations, a good hanger, good sitting and variety of styles are what make him deserving of this top 1.

Now it’s your turn, what the? Spanish street styler It deserves Enter the list?