Sarajevo Attractions

Sarajevo Attractions and Tourist

Sarajevo Attractions

Sarajevo has a number of museums that are interesting to see. Not least because many of the world’s great events have taken place here recently. Sarajevo also has great scenery, and a visit to Sarajevo should certainly include a short hour’s drive to Romanija and the village of Sokolac northeast of Sarajevo. You have probably not seen more beautiful mountain and forest areas.

Then add that the city ​​of Sarajevo itself has been under the rule of a variety of cultures, ranging from Austria – Hungary to the Ottomans and Turkey. Result you in the form of magnificent churches and mosques, different markets and the most diverse neighborhoods.

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The Catholic Cathedral
The Catholic Cathedral of Sarajevo is the largest church in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The church, which originally dates from 1889, was partially destroyed during the 1990s war, but has been restored. The cathedral is a bit of a landmark in Sarajevo. The address is Ferhadija bb.

Latin Bridge (Latinska Cuprija)
This bridge at Obala Kulina Bana is something you just have to visit. It was here that Franz Ferdinand was killed and that meant the “start shot” of World War I. Originally from 1798, the bridge is an excellent proof of great Ottoman architecture.

Sarajevo Attractions

The Eternal Flame
Take a trip to Maršala Tita, at the junction of Marsala Titova and Ferhadija streets and see the eternal fire that is a symbol of the fallen in World War II.

Sarajevo Museum
Just next to the Latin Bridge you will find this relatively new museum which tells of the years Sarajevo was under Austria-Hungary and what impact it had on the city. Opening hours for the Sarajevo Museum are from 1000 to 1800 on weekdays and 1000 to 1500 on Saturdays. Closed Sundays. The address is Zelenih Beretki 1.

Avaz Tower
If you want to have Sarajevo’s best views then head to the Avaz tower in Tesanjska 24b street. 172 meters up in the weather you will probably find both your hotel and other city landmarks. Here is also a café if you want to eat or have a cup of coffee. Opening hours are from 0800 to 2300 every day.

National Museum
This large museum complex shows its visitors the life and history of Bosnia’s residents, and the country’s fauna and flora. Outside the National Museum you can relax in the botanical garden. Well worth a visit. The address is Zmaja od Bosne.