San Marino 1997

San Marino is a country located in Europe. According to AbbreviationFinder, SM is the two-letter ISO code of San Marino, and SMR is the three-letter country abbreviation for San Marino.

According to Countryaah, the national day of San Marino is September 3. In April 2009, the G20 leaders agreed on tougher efforts against the world’s tax havens as a result of the global economic crisis. In May, 5 executives of San Marino’s largest bank and oldest financial institution, Cassa di Risparmio, were arrested and charged with money laundering. In an effort to reduce tax evasion, in July, Italy gives amnesty to ice cream Italians who take their money home from tax havens. The San Marino government declares in August that it has made changes in line with the OECD’s financial transparency recommendations to be removed from the organization’s “gray list”.

The November 2012 election was won by the Christian Democratic Alliance San Marino Bene Comune, which got 35 seats in the 60-seat state council, the other Christian Democratic Alliance Intesa per il Paese got 12, while the left-wing alliance Cittadinanza Attiva got 9.