Ruby Rose, The Gender Fluid That You Fell in Love a Catherine McNeil and Half of The Fashion Industry

It aims this name: Ruby Rose Who is it? As the girl of the moment. Everyone is talking about her androgynous image feature. His tattoos, short hair, piercings, her cats and beautiful blue eyes and processing capacity, have revolutionized the networks and have fallen in love to half of the fashion industry.

At 29 years (Melbourne, Australia 1986), the Australian model is also DJ and actress, specifically plays Stella Carlin in Orange is the new black, series which premiered last week at Netflix, platform that will come to Spain in October. Following this appearance, everyone has wanted to know her.

His fascinating physical has dazzled some time several firms as the Cowboys JAG, Georg Jen, Gallaz o Maybelline, Brand that haste has tattooed his slogan: “Maybe she’s born with it”. Has also been ported on various fashion magazines such as Vogue Australia, InStyle, Cosmopolitan y Marie-Claire, among others. And is that her look is different: modern, urban and androgynous. All this has become to this Australian model targeted brands.

It is a peculiar girl, both physical and personality. At the Astra Awards 2009, an award ceremony of an Australian television channel, Ruby won the award for favorite female personality of the year.

Without a doubt, its future is bright. But getting this far has not been an easy task. At age 5 he began saving for surgery and sex-change but did not, at age 12, acknowledged their sexuality and currently comes with the designer Phoebe Dahl. In the past it was girlfriend of the model Catherine McNeil, which at present a good friendship.

She herself has confessed that he is not identified with any gender:

I do not identify as any genre. I’m not a man or as a woman, but obviously I feel I was born to be so

In each of his appearances shows us a tomboy style, or what is the same, an aesthetic of male brushstrokes, with rebel touches, based on broad and structured garments. a garcon look, accompanied by constant changes of hairstyle. Rock clothes he likes, he loves the black and is able to combine a garment of Chanel’s most sophisticated air with a sport.

I started to change my way of dressing and speaking and me di account that didn’t want a transition, just wanted to be more comfortable in my skin

A unique woman who will give much to talk about.