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Robin Hood’s Bay and Tintagel Castle

Robin Hood’s Bay

Location and description

Robin Hood’s Bay is located on the north-east coast of England near the city of Whitby and is part of the Yorkshire and the Humber region. The small fishing village on the North Sea coast is mainly known for its sandy beach and beautiful location and has been attracting more and more tourists and vacationers to the area since the 1990s.

People lived here as early as the Bronze Age. Bay Town is part of the North York Moors National Park. The place has a certain fame because of its past as a smuggler’s nest. The Baytown smugglers transported their treasures through tunnels to their hiding places. You can get a feel for this story on an evening stroll through the alleys of the Unterdorf.

The name Robin Hoods Bay probably has nothing to do with the person “Robin Hood”, but was probably chosen freely. The locals call the place Bay Town. The popular bathing resort consists of two parts, the lower village and the upper village, between which there is a difference in altitude of about 50 meters. The two districts are connected by a steep street with many steps. The idyllic lower village with its small streets and fishermen’s houses, which nowadays house many cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, invites visitors to stroll. In the upper part of the village, which arose on the edge of the cliff, there are numerous pensions and hotels. The center here is the old, disused train station.

Activities and sights in and around Robin Hood’s Bay

In addition to the beach holidaymakers who enjoy the small sandy bay, many hikers and cyclists come to Robin Hood’s Bay, because the national long-distance hiking trail “Cleveland Way” leads past the village and the “Coast to Coast Walk” ends here. Many hiking trails lead along the cliffs in the vicinity. In addition, in recent years a beautiful bike path has been built on the former railroad tracks that leads to Oberdorf. For travelers interested in culture, a visit to Robin Hood’s Bay Museum should be on the excursion program. In this building from the 19th century, the history of the region is clearly documented. St Stephens Church, which stands on a hill, is also worth a visit and the view of the village and the surrounding area is beautiful.

Robin Hood’s Bay is ideal for guests with the most varied of interests and so bathing and active vacationers as well as study travelers get their money’s worth here.

Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle – The origin of the legendary King Arthur

Tintagel Castle is one of the tourist highlights of the English coastal region of Cornwall. In front of an extraordinary coastal panorama, the remains of the wall of the proud fortress rise up, which is said to have been the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur. Not far from the village of the same name, Tintagel, on a peninsula, the historically significant ruin can be discovered, the architecture of which is still visible today and dates back to the 13th century.

The story of Tintagel Castle

The region around Tintagel Castel was already settled in Roman times, archaeologists have been able to determine this through excavation pieces. But the ruins around Tintagel Castle do not go back to the Roman Age. However, the first traces of settlement on site point to the early Middle Ages: Archaeologists consider Tintagel to be the former center of life for the aristocrats and kings of the Celtic Dumnonia. The fortress visible today goes back to Richard of Cornwall, in the 13th century the brother of King Henry III. build Tintagel Castle.

The legend of King Arthur and the legend of Merlin

Tintagel Castle received a lot of attention from Geoffrey von Monmouth’s Arthurian legend, written around 1130. In it, the scholar and historian of the High Middle Ages describes the castle as the place of witness to the legendary King Arthur. Gorlois and his wife Igraine, who was coveted by Uther Pendragon, are said to have lived here. With the support of Merlin’s magical arts, Uther manages to visit Igraine and father Artur. Tintagel Castle is also the central location in the famous Tristan saga. King Mark is said to have lived here once, and his nephew Tristan is said to have lost his heart to Isolde.

Why is Tintagel Castle worth visiting on study tours?

Cornwall’s famous landmark is closely linked to the central sagas of English history. This is the main reason why a trip to the fabulous castle on Cornwall’s coast is worthwhile. A 70 meter long pedestrian bridge has been connecting the castle ruins with the mainland since August 2019. Before that, Tintagel Castle was only accessible via a narrow path and steep stairs. At the foot of the castle is Merlin’s Cave, where the famous magician is said to have once lived. The village of Tintagel is also worth a visit. In addition to the historic parish church of St. Materiana, there is a historic post office and a King Arthur Museum to discover.

Tintagel Castle England