Ralph Lauren and Its Poles “Sun Wash”

Ralph Lauren has just presented one of its latest products for this summer, the short-sleeved polos effect Sun wash, i.e., as if they were worn and aged by the Sun. A design original but not too innovative, of which many other brands already have realized.

I do like the Polo is the emblem of the horse is discreet, which although it has the same format as the of the big pony you are in the same key of the pole. The number 3, stamped as a patch on the right sleeve, also is another detail of this model. Is manufactured in delavado cotton pique and no two equal poles, since each one carries a natural treatment that makes it different.

Another new addition is that we have introduced new colors, different from the more traditional range of Ralph Lauren. The Poles, in addition, come with two different forms, the Slim custom fit (slightly adjusted to the body) and the classic fit (for straight cutting). If you can add you some But are the poles of this brand too long to take them out of the pants.

The colors that we are the Club Royal (the photo above royal blue), Circuit network, Carmel Pink, English Green, Nantucket blue (blue sky), India Yellow y Resort Orange. Your price: around the 90 euros.