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Qatar is a country located in Asia. According to AbbreviationFinder, QA is the two-letter ISO code of Qatar, and QAT is the three-letter country abbreviation for Qatar.

Yearbook 1997

Qatar. According to Countryaah, the national day of Qatar is December 18. The ruling emir, Sheikh Hamad, reached an agreement with her father, in 1995 Sheikh Khalifa deposed. In 1996, Sheikh Khalifa had been intrigued to regain power in Qatar and, in conjunction with that, managed to gain control of a significant portion of Qatar’s financial reserves. The agreement followed a settlement between Sheikh Khalifa and Qatar’s Justice Department about the money Khalifa allegedly transferred to a private account. The agreement between father and son meant, among other things, that the deposed father would be allowed to return to Qatar.

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Relations with neighboring Bahrain were improved in March through a meeting between the foreign ministers of both countries. It was agreed to open embassies in each other’s countries. The contradictions between countries apply to the boundary between them and worsened at the end of 1996, when Bahrain boycotted a meeting with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in protest against Qatar.

At the end of November, a trial was opened in the capital Doha against about 110 people who were accused of participating in a coup attempt against the emir in February 1996.

However, the President of the Court upgraded the trial to February 1998, to allow more time for the defendants to study the allegations made against their clients. Qatar hosted the fourth Economic Conference on the Middle East and North Africa, held in Doha between November 16 and 18. The conferences, which started in Casablanca in Morocco in 1994, aim to stimulate trade and other business in the region and are a result of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians that started in Madrid in 1991.

However, most of the Arab countries boycotted this year’s conference in protest against what they saw as Israel’s unwillingness to fulfill their commitments under the peace deal.

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Qatar. – State of Eastern Arabia, linked to Great Britain by a treaty stipulated in 1916. It acquired importance following the discovery of oil fields, which took place in the 1930s but whose exploitation began only in 1949. A provisional constitution, promulgated in April 1970, established the accession of the state to the banned Federation of Arab Emirates, but at the expiry of the treaty (September 1971) the decision to proclaim full independence of the country prevailed, which was admitted to both the Arab League and the United Nations; the sheikh Aḥmad b. ‘Alī Āl Thānī assumed the title of Emir (September 4). His disinterest in the management of state affairs led to his cousin Khalīfah b. Ḥamad Āl Thānī to lay him down; strikes and incidents that occurred after the latter’s accession to the throne led to the formation, in application of the Constitution, of a consultative Council of 20 members (increased to 30 in December 1975) which is entrusted with the approval of the legislative measures decided by the Council of ministers; it can also ask ministers for clarifications and declarations on political and economic matters. In May 1975 the mandate of the Council was extended for 3 years.