Pepe Jeans Continues Development to Andy Warhol

The truth is that the style of Pepe Jeans clothing has always been one of the most intelligent market: young clothing, without being label, wearing, comfortable and affordable more or less (rather expensive in my opinion). I’ve always considered it the elegant version of Levi ’ s, without being at all Dockers, I do not know if I explain.

Proof of this is the new collection that has lifted the market, in which pop brush strokes are present at all times in your clothes. The idea of this collection is to continue with what we saw in the spring-summer collection that you already talked about my partner Montag It.

Collection continues the name of which perhaps is one of the most influential in the world of pop culture and which marked a before and an after in designs, both clothes and pictures. No doubt I am referring to the great Andy Warhol. And in tribute to him, continue this new collection: Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans London.

Andy Warhol by Pepe Jeans London collection becomes charged from t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, jackets and an infinite number of plug-ins that the essence, not only of his work, but also personality and the style of the artist’s life.

And therefore has been taken as characteristic elements of his work such as the face of Marilyn Monroe changed color, Tin of Campbell tomato or the banana of the Velvet Underground and other many others. All of this with much color and playing with shapes and textures, make this collection a safe bet for this autumn-winter 2009 / 2010.