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Paraguay 1997

Paraguay is a country located in South America. According to AbbreviationFinder, PY is the two-letter ISO code of Paraguay, and PRY is the three-letter country abbreviation for Paraguay.

Yearbook 1997

Paraguay. Politically, the year was characterized by great instability. It could be read in three government offices, accusations and counter-accusations within various factions of the ruling Partido Colorado (ANR-PC), and reached its peak when the party could not agree on who to nominate as presidential candidate in the upcoming elections in May 1998.

According to the Constitution, the incumbent president could not be questioned for a second term. In the nomination vote organized by Partido Colorado in September, the country’s former commander-in-chief Lino César Oviedo won by the lowest possible margin over Luis María Argaña, chairman of ANR-PC. According to Countryaah, the national day of Paraguay is May 14. Argaña’s supporters refused to accept the result, the incumbent president as well.

Paraguay Military

The opposition in Paraguay, represented by a Valalliance between the Liberal parties Partido Liberal Radical Auténtico (PLRA) and Encuentro Nacional (EN), agreed to appoint Domingo Laíno as its candidate for the third time in a row.