Jezebel News: The 080 Barcelona Fashion, Giamba, Louboutin and More News

Jezebel news: We already have a scenario for the next 080, fashion continues to cause controversy with ads, Giambattista Valli becomes accessible and many more new features: Giamba It is the new name of fashion to be memorized, it’s the new fashion line of Giambattista Valli, much more accessible. [More at Fashionista]

CFDA Awards 2014: The Winners of The Oscars Fashion

Although the red carpet is a major apart from the event, it should not be forgotten that what took place yesterday in New York was among her awards from the Council of designers of fashion in America better known by its acronym in English, CFDA, which yesterday exalted to heaven to Joseph Altuzarra, who became • Read More »

The Famous Is Targeting The “LiveStrong” T-Shirts Armstrong

If there are any athlete that you can praise, among many other things, for his fight against cancer, it is Lance Armstrong. Since October 1996, while he played the Volta a Galicia, was detected in him a testicular cancer, has been a great example of perseverance and fight against cancer. He has participated in numerous • Read More »

Recycle Your Old Jeans

The the fashion market each season is always changing to sell new trends. In response, instead of complaining and having to be renewing the personal wardrobe to better adapt it to the new trends, recycle old clothes.

We Go Shopping from Home!

Today I bring a different way of shopping. For all that you do not have time or do not you like to go shopping, I have discovered, a website where to get abreast of the latest trends and combine them with clothes from your closet. It is a free service of personal shopper online • Read More »

G-Star Presents Its New Collection of Retro Modern

Now I analyze here same in Mensencia, which would be the new collection of G Star for this spring-summer 2009. As well, as you know, in the world of fashion is quite usual that a collection be receiving contributions throughout the year at the hands of the House, complementing the existing collection.

Film Fashion: The Maleficent Costume

It is one of the most anticipated films: maleficent. After seeing her live exhibition, the shift is now talk a little and in detail of the costume and some curiosities of this super-produccion. The costumes, the work of Anna Sheppard, It is worn with flair by the “terrible” Angelina Jolie and by Elle Fanning.

Jezebel News: Primark, Bundchen for Chanel, Amazon Spain and More News

Jezebel news: the new store Primark in Spain, Gisele Bündchen as new girl Chanel No. 5, Amazon Spain is open to fashion and more news… Primark is modernized and opened its largest in Spain in Madrid Megastore Gisele Bündchen is the new girl Chanel No 5

Lapo Elkann, All a Dandy in Saint Tropez

Lapo Elkann and his girlfriend Bianca Brandolini walk his love these days by the exclusive town of Saint Tropez. The heir of FIAT and owner of the Italy Independent firm was photographed in the French town, true to his style, with a very summery look.

Total Black Look in a Street Look

One of the combinations more difficult when it comes to look at every day is the total black look, or what is the same, the look of full black. For some, it’s one of their favorite choices and for others is the choice to avoid whenever possible. It does not usually have average.

Ed Westwick, a Dandy in Gossip Girl

Television certainly in matters of fashion, can be a real double-edged weapon. By this I mean that you can just find you taken as models to follow people without an iota of taste and class, as also the opposite side to find us pleasantly surprised that any actor with a good stylist of means (the • Read More »

Goodbye to One of The Big in The Fashion World: Louise Wilson

Here half an hour have the interview Louise Wilson. Do not arrive late since she hates tardiness. That was my first touchdown that was the Director of the master in fashion design from the prestigious St.Martins school London since 1992 (as well as Creative Director of DKNY for 3 years), Louise Wilson, in a trip • Read More »

Miky Molina Jacket

I continue with my crusade against attacks on fashion. No, the post won’t about whether wear socks or not with sandals, which you say what some, must be sandals with socks. This time I wanted to you to talk about something I saw on TV and that affected me much. So I wanted to make • Read More »

Brad Pitt on The Cover of The Magazine Wired

One of the Favorites of the Mensencia team is Brad Pitt. The actor has a port and a class only. And his person exceeds the barriers of fashion, film or which want to put. To such an extent to appear on the cover of the prestigious Wired magazine, dedicated to new technologies and analyzing any • Read More »

Jamie Dornan and Eva Mendes, New Faces of Calvin Klein

Before the crisis, seems that the magic formula is to invest in the physical then sell clothes to dress him up. Exactly. We could sum it up in: “Put a model in your life and we do the rest” and it has made Calvin Klein. According to the latest data, it was not being of • Read More »

Suki Waterhouse, The Latest “It Girl” Image of Superga

First it was Alexa Chung, then Rita Ora and now turn to Suki Waterhouse. Superga keeps pulling faces known for their campaigns and the latest in belonging to that select group is Suki Waterhouse, one of the models of the moment and in addition, regular magazines from the heart thanks to its relationship with Bradley • Read More »

Jezebel News: H & M, Pearl, Christopher Bailey, Instagram and More News

Jezebel news comes on top of what’s new: H & M increases 17% its sales in the month of April Pearl withdraws a dummy showing the very marked ribs Christopher Bailey will earn 8.1 billion pounds in 2014 in Burberry Uneven open in Barcelona its Megastore of 3,000 square meters