The Retro Fashion, Embroider on Shirts

There are certain things that a common person should throw back as Dracula garlic. One of them stands in embroidered on the chest of the shirt. If knowing a person see carrying the two little rigor letters tattooed to fire on clothes, escape. Let us flee as if take them tattooed literally.

Victorio & Lucchino at Pasarela Cibeles Fall-Winter 2007 / 2008

Another season the duo Victorio & Lucchino surprises us again with a Grand Parade. What parts, which designs, patterns, as if Couture they were. Full to the brim and rhythm of Cocoroise and Anthony & The Johnsons, began a parade at Black’s look rocker with tailored jackets on which rest XXL wide belts, very tight, • Read More »

The Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is at its creative, It has not only launched a new clothing line called Bitten as we already mentioned some Elena days ago, but it has a style marked by its unforgettable character in Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw, It is still the delight of lovers of fashion.

Campaign Complete Madonna for H & M

A few weeks ago I mentioned you that Madonna was once again the star of the advertising campaign of the collection capsule designed for H & M. As we saw in the first photo, blonde ambition goes much more sophisticated than in the previous season.

Street Style to Celebrate the Spring

Yesterday was the first day of spring and we celebrate it with good weather and eager to enjoy the outdoors. Temperatures rise and He begins to crave fill our outfits of color and prints of the season. What better way to get our botanical side with the arrival of the florida season? Daisies, roses, tulips, and • Read More »

Amaya Arzuaga at Pasarela Cibeles Fall-Winter 2007 / 2008

The collection that Amaya Arzuaga presents for the next autumn-winter 2007-2008 is inspired by two opposing camps: technology and nature. Trends that include the use of materials of new generation, very fashion and bold, but spectacular, with organic fabrics: plastic coated paper, point padded, wool and cashmere, mikado silk, braids and point lace. The clothes • Read More »

DIY the Decorated Jeans

The catwalks we fall in love with her looks but also serve as inspiration. This Spring 2015, What triumphs among designers is denim, above all, everything that has to do with the jeans decorated, embellished and transformed, What can give us thousand and one ideas for DIY. Or but we want to do it ourselves, we can find • Read More »

A Short Provides the Appearance that You Want

The shorts. A Basic garment and simple that you can not miss in our closet, both summer and winter. It’s that easy and the great results we get from them make these a fundamental part in our day to day. Blouses for a glam, air cotton shirts to get our side more esport … how do you feel today? They • Read More »

Chanel Cruise

One more year, Karl Lagerfeld presents the annual collection Chanel cruise, following the tradition of the House of Coco mademoiselle. Full of creativity and casualismo, this line is for the female traveler who likes to go from one side to the other; the March is the inspiration for this collection in which white and black • Read More »

Learn How to Dress with Different Colours from B-loggers

You know the b-loggers. A same 20 b-logger teaches us how to dress at the 20, 30 and 40 years and others teach us with much discretion what to buy before the recess for what they need one stylist? In this time of Garish colors and much cake one would recommend that these colors were options • Read More »

Boudicca in The Paris Couture

The designers of Boudicca, Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby, they are in luck. The Chambre syndicale of haute couture has thought of them as guest in the next week of Haute Couture Designer, to take place from 22 to 25 of the month of January in Paris. They have said to feel deeply honored to • Read More »

Camouflage, the Antitendencia This Year

The same thing happens every season. Thousand trends that emerge at the same time always there is one, at a minimum, which turns into horror. Last year the mine was mirror sunglasses that have this summer. This fall I already I have favorite: the camouflage. The selection of outfits could serve to take away the desire • Read More »

Marc Jacobs at The Opera of Paris

On November 10 it was premiered at the Palais Garnier, in the programming of ballet for this year, “Amoveo”. The point of this new fashion signs Marc Jacobs. He has been commissioned to design the costumes for the dancers, which include large figures of the dance as the Canadian Edoard Lock, Frenchman Benjamin Millepied, and • Read More »

Pepe Jeans Continues Development to Andy Warhol

The truth is that the style of Pepe Jeans clothing has always been one of the most intelligent market: young clothing, without being label, wearing, comfortable and affordable more or less (rather expensive in my opinion). I’ve always considered it the elegant version of Levi ’ s, without being at all Dockers, I do not know if I explain.

Museum of Pierre Cardin

Approximately 700 models, accessories and furniture created by the French designer are displayed in an old garage in the Parisian periphery which opened its doors to the public the November 15 and it runs through half a century of creation dedicated to fashion.

Primark Will Open its Gran Vía Primark Store

The most anticipated opening does not have a specific date but increasingly goes if is bounded. Primark He will open his Megastore of the Gran Vía of Madrid between November and December, According to the brand to Jezebel. The rehabilitation works of the building are still very neat, rescuing all the details of the old Madrid-Paris department store, are • Read More »

Courreges for La Redoute

La Redoute is a catalogs selling fashion by mail with more success, if not to most. This success is largely due to their good service to the customer and that, in addition to the basic essential to the season pass, you will find garments and mini-collection that some of the designers and brands with more • Read More »

How the Low-Cost Chains Takes Advantage and Get Profit

In fact, only going for a walk. But you’ve spent ahead of showcase of Zara, Mango, Primark or H & M and we could resist going to look at what there is. You have just seen a cute dress for very little money, and you’ve finished going through box. A simple buy bargain that gives us a great • Read More »

Burberry Gives a New Style to Their Scarves

During the parade of the new Burberry collection for next autumn-winter, we could see how Christopher Bailey, Creative Director of the British firm, gave him a “ twist ” the classic scarf of pictures. It is not anything new, but rather to provide you with a new style in the form of take it.