Some Best Looks of Streetstyle in Spring

The fashion weeks always pose a concentration record stylish people worthy of seekers of photos of street style shoot your cameras. But people with style and interesting outfits remain the rest of the year. So the time comes to review some of the 10 best looks of street style that is giving us this spring.

Winter Looks against Summer Looks among the Celebrities

This Christmas the celebrities they have escaped from their respective cities and they have chosen well different destinations by dividing into two clear groups: those that have preferred the warm climate of the Caribbean, Miami or substitutes and which have opted for ski and snow glamour of Aspen, the Alps and similar destinations.

Juana MartíN in The Cibeles Catwalk Fall-Winter 2006-2007

Juana Martín We were surprised in this edition of Cibeles because it has shown a collection without frills, non-Andalusian air, as usual in it. This time it was inspired by one of the great contemporary fashion: Balenciaga.

The Perfect Male Look of Sienna Miller

I love it when women play with male clothing and give it a twist. They add a feminine touch and convert them into something very casual or elegant, depending on what us rent-a-car a shirt of pictures or a tuxedo. The point is that playing with androgyny of many garments always gives good results.

Beyonce Shows Their Swimsuits in Sport Illustrated

The singer, actress and designer Beyonce Knowles (increasingly engaged in more things the celebrities) has been chosen by the American magazine Sport Illustrated for starring in the cover of its annual issue dedicated to swimwear, Swimsuit 2007 Special. A special issue in that top models or celebrities look, very suggestive, the latest collections of swimsuits • Read More »

The Winter Styles of Meeste, Blake Lively and Taylor Momsen

The protagonists of Gossip Girl are the channels with more style to combat the cold, and it is that low temperatures and hours passed outside to shoot outdoors, are not impediment to set aside the unmistakable accent trendy series. Blake Lively, Taylor Momsen y Leighton Meester, each online, offer us three different versions of what is a good look for winter.

Joseph Looked at The Cibeles Catwalk Fall-Winter 2007-2008

Today completes the programming of the international week of the 2007 fashion fashion shows of the most novice designers. All week we have seen the proposals of great creators like Miguel Palacio, Devota & Lomba, Amaya Arzuaga or Victorio & Lucchino, among others, who have lent their seams to emphasize the significance of an event • Read More »

Worst Dressed Celebrities Outside the Red Carpet

While the majority of our celebrities favorite tend to be Queens of the street style and boast a unique style in and out of the red carpets, there are many famous only include under the spotlights and they lose all trace of personality in their daily lives. Demonstrating a theory which we have discussed here long and tended, and • Read More »

Christopher Kane in London Week Fall-Winter 2007 / 2008

Studied at Saint Martins, a year ago I won the award designer revelation, it designed a line for Topshop Empire and is Scottish. There is no doubt that London Fashion Week surrendered to his feet without hesitation.

Learn to Give Color to the Winter from Blair Waldorf:

Mix textures, colors and put many more layers of clothing and fashion accessories kilos better. That the main style trick to get be Blair Waldorf. Although there is an essential item that needs to be done as a basic wardrobe, that is the tweed suit or wraps of great pictures. To be able to be in a striking • Read More »

Nicole Richie Style

Nicole Richie It is a controversial starlet. Inseparable friend and adoptive Lionel Richie’s daughter’s Paris Hilton (which co-starred a reality show for the FOX network), this summer jumped to the media by his excessive thinness.

The Style of Kate Moss

The British model is undeniably a creator of trends. Any garment carrying and the way they bring it is immediately copied by other celebrities and the girls walking Street. As well as the analysis of the style of the MOSS It is appropriate at any time and even more so now that he has enshrined not only • Read More »

Antonio Alvarado in The Cibeles Catwalk Fall-Winter 2007-2008

Under the title archetypes, Antonio Alvarado bet by simple lines, inspired by of Lolitas women sado. Also works the volumes on shirts, jackets and skirts, but at the same time we have seen very tight, especially at the waist with rubber bands and gathers dresses and skirts. It used the short, combined with jackets and • Read More »

The Outfits from Victoria Beckham

Can not believe you, but the more pija between the lags, the more fashion victim among the fashion victim, the great consuming of all stripes coming out, she, the posh Victoria Beckham, also repeats clothing model. On this occasion a Balenciaga black jacket with pants of colorful biker type.

Andres Sarda in The Cibeles Catwalk Fall-Winter 2007-2008

Andres Sarda proposes us an autumn-winter Cabaret, inspired by the stars of the entertainment industry, in particular the tour making an actress from prepares in his dressing room until you get to the stage full of glamour. Designs of all kinds and for all times. Bustiers, Nightgowns and old Corsetry, as well as Erotic lingerie • Read More »

Hood by Air, a Way of Life

Hood by Air According to the brand’s own designers, it is a way of life. For them the clothes is not only something essential to live, to cover the skin and protect us from the weather, but is also a reflection of our personality and charisma all of us.

Summer in White

Not long ago, we mentioned that this summer will be the romantic look: flowers, soft colors, etc. Also the box vichy going strong for the summer season arrives. All in all, a pure and chaste style that cannot be better represented than with white color.

The Arrival of Firms Expected to Spain

Jezebel news it comes with the arrival of firms expected to Spain, the international expansion of others, the own brand of Rihanna and Cavalli against Michael Kors:

Footloose: Flat to Vertigo Heels Sandals

So then say that the fashion and the technology they are at odds, and I’m not talking of the Spring/Summer 2007 collection introduced by Hussein Chalayan in Paris, but this original invention that you see in the image.