The Own Collection of Clothing of Lady Gaga!

I am a fan Lady Gaga. Yes, I admit, I love that someone has so much personality and defend his swashbuckling style. But his way of dressing, as much as I like his character, do not share it. And from there to launch an own collection clothes there is a long way. Very large. Mileage I would say. But yes, • Read More »

Rachel Zoe Will Create a Clothing Line

It seems that Rachel Zoe It’s not enough to make fairy godmother of their friendly celebrities and now not only wants to train them in the art of dressing to his image and likeness, but directly, make them clothes. And is that if this Hollywood guru is characterized by some of the easy trend It is to be more • Read More »

Giorgio Armani Milan Fashion Week

For the Italian city, did not pass unnoticed to proposals for one of the most representative of this runway designers, Giorgio Armani. The genius of design opts for dresses made entirely with glass of Swarovski, balloon skirts and classic suits, typical of Armani. All accompanied by ecological leathers and flat shoes as fashion accessories, this • Read More »

The Maternity Style of Rachel Zoe

If you’re a world famous stylist as Rachel Zoe, You cannot have a bad day or losing style wearing pregnancy. She knows well as adapt trends for your figure and to look perfect in your State. For this reason, a few weeks before that Zoe of a light, you want to update of the outfits that has led • Read More »

Zac Posen Dress Barbie and Ken

Zac Posen joins the long list of designers who have shared their talent to create a wardrobe for the most famous doll in the world. And this time the designer has gone more further than the previous ones, as knowing that a woman always has a great man on the side, It has also decided • Read More »

Some Best Street Stylers of Spain in Lookbook

I am a declared fan of Look book, for me, the best website of fashion that there is around the world. You could be watching hours and hours Street looks that have risen in Sweden or in the Philippines, there are no barriers. Normal people who share your styles with the rest. In Spain still it has not permeated • Read More »

Penelope Cruz Will Be John Galliano at The Gala of The Oscars

Next Sunday is celebrated the long awaited Gala of the Oscars, This year more awaited than ever because one of our, Penelope Cruz, It is nominated as best actress. The actress will sport a design of John Galliano for Dior, one of the great fashion, which after several tests and the choice of fabric from • Read More »

Mia Wasikowska Style

MIA Wasikowska It is an Australian actress who is became known with his role in the series In treat men and embody the young Alice in Alice in the country of the wonders of Tim Burton. Girl you’re in delicate beauty and different tends to hit very but very well in their red carpet looks and is already • Read More »

D & G in The Week of The Fashion of Milan Autumn/Winter 2007/08

More than one collection of Autumn/winter, prom. Of Wild Party. This is how they see Dolce & Gabbana women from their second line for next year. D & G It has done, in Milan, a proposal that has alternated the dresses, both long and short, of chiffon stamped with Leopard skin and the costumes of • Read More »

The Best Looks with This Jacket as a Protagonis

In the middle of December We can already say that the winter is here. It is time to put on warmer clothes without losing the glamour and as such we show you the best shelters in print-animal What’s on the market. Why? Maybe if you can combine it is a great piece to your outfit. But watch out! The • Read More »

The Perfect Look in France

We have a new challenge today in Jezebel: Show items from a Cabinet made in Paris. And you will ask you dear readers, why a French-style wardrobe? They say that French women are which better dress in the world (although there are always different opinions in this regard). Whether we like it more or less the • Read More »

Giorgio Armani Willing to Sell His Empire

Information about the intention of Giorgio Armani to sell his empire has been contradicted by the designer himself, published shortly after. Apparently everything could be result of a misunderstanding, although, according to the observations of the Italian, the German daily would have informed wrong consciously.

Another Look of Olivia Palermo

A few days ago we saw the first look of Olivia Palermo with an elegant dress of Mango, and today he delights us with another stylish look. And it is that since we know that the model will be image of Mango, It seems that it has opted to wear outfits of the Catalan company.

Giorgio Armani Denies That He Will Sell His Empire

A few hours ago I spoke of the news published today in the country, in which the Spanish newspaper echoed from information published in a German Economic Journal. Handelsblatt spoke of an interview given by Giorgio Armani which, according to the German publication, the designer was looking for buyer for his empire valued at five • Read More »

To Wear Different Styles with Same Garment in Some Ways

We must learn to take advantage of our garments, and the best way is buying combinable garments, that we can look with several different outfits. So, if you repeat garment, it is not noticed, give a different air, and also proves to have style to make various combinations with the same jersey, pants, or whatever.

Devota & Lomba Designed a Mobile Phone

It seems that this design custom mobile phones is fashionable. And is that the mobile platform Orange It has announced the launch of the new terminal exclusively Samsung E420, customized by the designer Devota and Lomba. It is a mobile phone designed for the female audience with innovative and different design.

The True Trend of the Isle of Wight Festival.

The festival of the Isle of Wight the past weekend took place and after make you the official Chronicle of Mosses, Xungs and other wildlife ‘in’ and its proposals that led me to yawn and contemplate, now have fun and learn, maybe a little bit, the risky and personal clothing of some attendees. There pulularon true magicians • Read More »

Proenza Schouler for Target

Capsule collections are fashionable. It gives is of a collection built around an object, person, film, or anything else that inspires it, as the queTommy Hilfiger has designed recently to evoking the style of Grace Kelly, which the mini-collection that famous number and acclaimed fashion designers create for firms in economic prices, becoming visible, for • Read More »