Women with Style: Emmanuelle Alt

We announced it a few days ago: the stylists are the new celebrities. And among them, in addition to the monopoly, type Carine Roitfeld, coexist in the shade, in purgatory halfway between fame and anonymity, a litter of young girls and not so much, they move the threads of the trends from a background almost • Read More »

Women with Style: Lauren Santo Domingo

It is one of those anonymous was whose mission in life is to belong to high society and become a Vogue girl. Her marriage to Andrés Santo Domingo last winter was one of the events of the year and the story that depicted the happy moment was one of the most commented articles the number of Vogue • Read More »

Keira Knightley Is The Most Important Women of This Autumn-Winter

The votes of visitors to Jezebel have revived talk, and have done so in favour of the English actress, Keira Knightley, who gets the first place in the list of the most important woman in this autumn-winter. The domain of the actress’s The Duchess It was quite clear at times, but distance was then cropped a little.

Women with Style: Franca Sozzani

Following the chapter of women with style that I inaugurated with Anna Dello Russo and coming to the counterpoint of experience young and incomplete celebrities saturation is that much world, today is the turn of another icon of elegance: Franca Sozzani. It has 58 years shriveled, a beautiful blonde hair, a thinness that comes of Constitution • Read More »

This Is The Robe That Started It All: The Origin of The Empire Inditex

We’ve heard it thousand times: Amancio Ortega began selling gowns and now runs one of the largest textile empires of the world. He has been much repeated that phrase already almost sounds like urban legend. But no. It’s true. The first business foray into the textile world of the Leonese entrepreneur was making dressing gowns, under • Read More »

The Enemy Is Not Kendall Jenner, Is The Fashion Industry

I thought to write a post talking about success of Kendall Jenner, how 2013 was the year of Kim Kardashian but this year one of his little sisters has snatched it is. I thought talk about all what had been achieved this year: campaigns, editorial in Vogue, being home of a september issue… but instead, • Read More »


How can he started the month of March? Incredible but true! February has already ended, and with this we start again our purposes for good start the month of March…

The 11 Best Bloggers of Fashion East, 2014

Just the year and with its end we should do a review of what this meant. We’ve already seen the best dressed on the red carpets, best this 2014 weddings, the best of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian looks. And today’s the turn of fashion bloggers. that is why today we show you the 11 bloggers that you • Read More »

Olivia Palermo Brings His Style with The Fashion Weeks

Olivia Palermo has been, is and will be a girl in every rule it. While the years pass, their looks continue to inspire, his style adapted to the trends of the moment and in no time loses its identity. Class, originality, glamor… It shows everything, and with the Fashion weeks her looks come back to our screens.

11 Reasons Why The That Chiara Ferragni If Deserves a Great Cover of Fashion

Chiara Ferragni is the girl of the moment, this week we have known his first cover for the magazine Vogue (Spain). But what is it that makes it special than others? Are many reasons that his victory has become so obvious, but many people they have shown their lack of interest by it and not understand the reason that an important • Read More »

Anine Bing, Mark (And Girl) That Is in Fashion

Everyone speaks of Anine Bing. There is no fashion blogger who does not look any of their (expensive) clothes and the the designer herself looks inspire anyone. Casual outfits, those who have nothing at first sight but which then say a lot. Anine Bing not only is a firm, is a girl it, and people want to see both • Read More »

Advanced Style. When Fashion Does Not Understand Old

A few years ago that was born the Advanced Style fashion blog: a page where all kinds of street style was where the protagonists they were over 70 years of age. Bizarre clothes, crazy mixes and lot of history along the way. Later its author, ARI Seth Cohen (those two last name remind me of my platonic love • Read More »

The Corleone Most Fashionistas Show Off Their Long Coats

Long, very laaaaargo. Wraps will dress the feet to the head in the fall. The shelters three quarters see how they grow and grow to almost reach the ground in some cases. The legs are going to be piping hot and lovers of the style of the ‘Godfather’ will get under the skin of the Corleone. • Read More »