Outfit Weekday #7daysjeans, Givenchy & Butter Bread

Today’s outfit post shall be actually less outfit post, rather than small round of voting – fact, I need your advice. Since I just stumbled in Copenhagen about the above bomber jacket by Givenchy and summarily eintütete them up, I am considering constantly, maybe go back to sell them. Just the facts: I was looking for a transition jacket between disgustingly winter and half cold spring, as my nose at the 80% sale sticker, on the sugary showcase by the “STORM” store prangte, stick remained. Instead of about 1200 euros, the Givenchy should beauty so only cost €430, and that although it currently views them in the online sale still 900 euro. Probably I must not explain now that my brain came out simply latched and the rudder left gut feeling. 

I’m now not wondering whether the values jacket is so cute as thought. I like, because there is no doubt. BUT: I ha’s much less often to as intended and for 200 bucks would I maybe but on a dismal place companion to.

I am running but once the jacket, then see actually always look: jeans, black jumper, black shoes. Else about might be too much of a good:

To the Wahnsinnigwerden, because I handle really permanently between between attention and huge remorse back and forth.
So: Give or keep, and finally turn off the head?
I eat now a few sandwiches and waiting for your opinions

the #7daysjeans campaign weekday is back and you can earn 30% just like me on your next jeans purchase. As you will learn here that.

Pants: weekday (Monday model) / / jacket: Givenchy / / sweater: weekday collection / / shoes: Emma go via forest Berlin.