Outfit Of The Day The No Time Outfit Aka The Knallblaue Skirt From Acne

Four days don’t look in the computer, a pretty lush family dose, birds, Winsocialwork and bee buzz right by waking up – correctly, it can be himself only to a home visit. At Easter, the car was borrowed, crammed and 600 kilometres home moves. The right so, to celebrate the holidays with loved ones and to finally once again to look after three months home break.

Fashion was not so very sure on the top list and still a new life companion could not be missed: the bright blue skirt from acne, just as glamorous looked to the seller that I had to bag it without long back and forth. Seen a crush!

Admitted that was fortunately already before my savings projects. The selling point for this pouf-skirt: Can conjure from the refreshments most boring combination, non? White shirt in the summer to – done. Black shirt + pantyhose in the team =. Many of you in the right light moved and danced on the wall – zack, a few snapshots from home for you.

I hope you had at least as nice as I have in the past few days. In this sense: Happy return!

Unfortunately, there is no online to purchase the perfect all purpose rock, but only in a few selected acne stores – for example, in Berlin. For this case, I’ve provided however some alternative models together – the expensive honey must be Yes finally also not equal.

Returns to the blue hopeless by acne’s so the full dose of simplicity: black shirt by Filippa K (the young gemobst) and black slipper by vagabond (similar here.)



Leather Skirt and Crop Top – Marie’s Bazaar

Leather Skirt and Crop Top – Marie's Bazaar

Source: www.mariesbazaar.com