Outfit of the day the Farbtupferl Aka Against the Tristesse Mulberrys Dorset Bag in Bright Red

All characters are little spring in the starting blocks, is even on bright colors and bright splashes of color. Way with the gloomy look, more freshness and positive vibrations. Stupid only that Nike and I, with a few exceptions, when the outfit choice actually rather muted colors, black and white Duo and earthy tones set, as on the load types. It seems ’ s so much positive when we breathe every now and then some vitality to the whole, accents and consciously come off from the comfortable path or not?

That seems to have thought of the English fashion house Mulberry in any case also combats the Tristesse in one fell swoop, stocked our editorial staff with a good portion of fluorescent and since nationwide ensures personal “Ah’s” and “Oh’s”. Welcome, beautiful Dorset bag, adieu grey mouse.

Basic enough so the spring of portion of today’s outfit finally the necessary to assimilate and color the gray there out there to counteract. The result leaves open questions:

Why I actually not earlier put on colorful accents?
And: Why invest I just constantly in dark classics, rather than to buy them in bright colours and me to secure my personal catcher?

The two-parter from the House of MONKI anyway, maybe not necessary has the charge bright red, hurt’s not likely him anyway. The laptop has enough place, the camera and the lenses with long handle and also feels this pretty thing also wonder burst above the shoulders.

Shirt and skirt: MONKI (model Edda), denim shirt from the friend: acne, coat: weekday, shoes: Miu Miu, bag: thanks to Mulberry – Dorset bag.

Three kilos to the good piece buttersoft leather can carry, seems to be relatively insensitive and hides the contents thanks to centrally arranged buckle. We are proud as Bolle, to run the honey from the House of mulberry and were not just a little bit convinced: colour accents do pretty – and helps gray oppose such days there.