Outfit Monki + Adidas Superstars + Wood + A.P.C

Actually, I thought Yes the time of (mirror) Selfies is long gone, but Pandey. I actually still do it. And particularly if I’m even surprised at the sight of outfits, if any combination for some strange reason I like better, than anything what I could rummage in the days before from the wardrobe – as small photographic thought support for the complete inspiration-free days for example.

Just went clothed me also just before the weekend, as I myself pretty slow and unfashionable found in the hallway, just with a T-Shirt, socks and baggy-pants. But then came sneakers (current favorites: adidas superstars!), my favorite bag from A.P.C. and a trench coat without add, that I up to date had had, even which was exactly suitable to the pants and is. Saw suddenly not more so schlunzig out at all, the whole thing, and is therefore easily stored under “you can take when one no longer knows”. It can and must be eventually also go easy. 

It is just so: the superstars from teenage days few can get used to it seems to me. I’m  very different, I am indeed almost a little pure verguckt in the 3-stripes treads. Whenever I find my clothes: pretty stupid (happens just very frequently), then I tie my superstars on the feet and feel me just a little “smart”, how OMI would probably describe this strangely inspiring fashionable exhilaration. Is indeed sometimes even more valuable than the optics:

shoes: adidas originals superstar
bag: A.P.C. half moon bag
T.Shirt: Wood Wood
& trench coat: MONKI (unfortunately not online, therefore in the selection: H & M pants & coat)