Oriol Puig and His Vision of The It Girls. a Short Film That Does Not Leave Indifferent Anyone

I’m late, I know. PEAR you know the saying that it is better late… than ever. And behold, today, I’m kidding with a weird bitter taste After seeing the short of Oriol Puig. It tries to give a different view on the famous it girls and fashionable, but not before egobloggers falling into the controversy. Is it true that that all that glitters is not gold, and these girls are trying to sell us a life totally distorted reality? We are sure that there are cases in which Yes, I do not believe that all his days are pink and les as well every day its #yummy eating breakfast while they are #fullofwork.

So a few weeks ago is issued a small short film showing a sour face this world as the rising to this day. I like to think that none of the Open a blog makes it for these reasons, Although the vision of the short film goes much further and compares the profession with others much more ancient.

I want to believe that each of the bloggers present they open their personal pages with motivation and without reasons such as those that show us today. Do you think your own vision? Do resembles reality?