Nike Jane’s Favorites in November & a Small DIY

To be honest, all Vichy put me once a day cream in the mail box, which I then very boldly ignored – until is these days my Aesop mandarins supplies exhausted and I the small bottles “Neovadiol magistral” dug out again without great expectations. What’s, I thought, “finally to not look a gift horse in the mouth that is just to bridge”. Oho, I’m watching this beauty horse since even daily in the mouth but the creamy consistency makes a single soft delight out of my air ridden face skin. Could it be that this product is obviously designed for mature skin that is me however wumms, in any case, this time.

At night, however, I used my oil serum of grown, primarily because of the herbal fragrance. And then yes there my gadgets rediscovery of the month would be: an aromatherapy „ stress “ for travelling by „ Primavera „, that smells like lavender and probably only something brings, if you fixed it quite believes. Thank you, Kathi, you know who.

The Novemeber I do not survive in addition …

… The first mascara, which makes my lashes without clumping really longer: babydoll by Yves Saint Laurent.

… Lip care by Elizabeth Arden, obowohl I always thought he would be used only by old ladies. At some point it came over me then but in the duty free area and well. Now, no Chapstick works more.

… And my famous dipbrow pomade in dark brown of Anastasia Bevery Hills.

P.S.: The marble Board is up on it even not a marble Board (I was always too cheap), but a plank of wood with marble adhesive foil. Never someone noticed this hoax, but now is out. Can be found for example at amazon.