New Eastpak Campaign: Do You Want To Sleep Or Do You Want To Live?

Already in the mid of the year that brought us beloved backpack-brand of the 90s with its latest campaign “when what the last time you did something for the first time?” Part of the thinking. Hardly a different poster found so often in the our site duct like this and hardly a different slogan brought us to thinking. Yes, when we did actually once again for the first time, huh? The question was answered after a long time head zermurben, actually should be but at least a dozen exciting things come up with us that we can tout proudly – or we maybe too rarely perceive the small gems and peculiarities of life?

With their new campaign “do you want to sleep or do you want to live?” goes quite similar to us in the first moment, and yet we find an answer here quite fix: of course we love to lie in my pajamas and with a portion of ice cream in bed and a DVD after to assimilate others, go out and explore the town should be neglected but equally little us and Eastpak wants worry from now on. More specifically, the fire made his thoughts about and offers us two options, how we can spend our work. You have the choice:

either you decide to SLEEP and Eastpack romantic videos and sleeping a stuff served you you or but you decide to LIVE and get gigs finest live close to your – updated regularly and for each taste something. It is us the decision according to the work programme almost removed, isn’t it?

Successful campaign with an innovative added value. We are quite convinced that the change of image of the good old backpack brands, and you?