More Screenshots of Gossip Girl: Blair and Serena, a Perfect Summer

How to live the protagonists of Gossip Girl, the luxurious Upper East side to your correspondence on the beach, the no less elitist Hapmtons, specifically to Port Washington, an enclave of the more glaurosamente, one hundred per cent according to your lifestyle and millimeter and fussy looks.

And it is that they get rid of so tender that they are, especially Blair Waldorf, character that embodies Leighton Meester, that there is no way to let the flowers at home, rather than a series of adolesecentes seems out of perfect women, that movie that is parodied the artificial perfection of a community of desperate women.

To me I like the ladylike fifties look, volumes in skirts, floral prints and the vegetable motifs, I love them, but Leighton sometimes cloying. In these images that are part of the filming of the second season, we see her with a dress of Alice & Olivia, and a Kate Spade bag, and already not reminds me of Nicole Kidman and housewives clone but an exquisite Audrey Hepburn on one side of Angel.

Beautiful girl. Blake Lively, i.e., Serena Van der Woodsen, is not as “pear girl” as Blair, she does the role of rebel, bad girl, and their outfits are much less Virgin and harmonious, here we see her with a minidress in green water, and an electric blue tote of Chanel.