Miniskirts That Will Draw You More Than One Trouble This Christmas. Te Atreves?

Still you don’t know very well What to wear for the day of Christmas? Welcome to the club. There are so many divine outfits that appear every day in my head there is a major disorder. I do not know what turn turn, What trend opt or color that will accompany me. If you are like me, I propose today some perfect looks for that day (for bundling your mind a little more). All of them with a common denominator: the miniskirts as protagonists.

And it is that they are still a turn star for this season. Found in all versions: cotton, smooth, leather, pleated, hair, etc. But today we let all these to focus on those that they have applications, sequins or embroidery. Because of Christmas Eve there is only one per year.

And among all the models which is succeeding as it is never a Gold tulle and sequins signed by Zara (of course). There are already several bloggers who have shown us how to combine it: Andy Torres Style Scrapbook makes it with a black blazer and gray cotton jersey. Result? Perfect. Different, alternative, and super chic.

But if what you want is to give a more formal touch to the topic get as the protagonist of Style Lover: combined with a silk blouse in nude you are divine. In its version all the protagonism falls on the back, but with a completely smooth It is also a good choice. What do you think?

And because there is no two without three, Tuula combines with a Jersey type canale. Do you think your version?

Lovely Pepa bet by the metallic applications combined with the black of night with this version taken from white. She dares with a transparent blouse showing BRA, do you like combinarías it?

And finally we do it with the look of the author of It ’ s Camille, one of the new girls handle 2011 / 2012. She bets on the trend of the geometric shapes in a simplest miniskirt.

Which of them do you stay?