Miky Molina Jacket

I continue with my crusade against attacks on fashion. No, the post won’t about whether wear socks or not with sandals, which you say what some, must be sandals with socks. This time I wanted to you to talk about something I saw on TV and that affected me much. So I wanted to make a constructive criticism on how to wear the jacket that has Miky Molina.

It seemed that a friend big and much fatter than him is it had lent. It was left on all sides: by the neck, the shoulders. I was honestly surprised to appear with these spots, but not only because it seemed that it would disguise but because don’t hit you anything take this garment. For if you want to see the video of Tele 5, here what you have.

And it is that we will never tire of repeating it: have to dress with coherence. What does mean? You have to have a style and stick to it because if you don’t think you’re in carnivals. Let’s look at a practical example, if you are all day with classic clothes (by taste, not by obligation), arriving Saturday will be the less strange adoptes an EMO style.

Going back to the actor, which is reason for this article, your daily look is little care, even Dowdy, with touches of biker, as the leather jackets, touches all these that are not negative, it is its style and point. But precisely because of that classic jacket not spank nothing and far less than three more sizes.

If it was be elegant, Molina should review their concepts of fashion and elegance. Another type of jacket, as one of suede or even something more sport combined with the Cowboys that wore like a Safari jacket, for example would have been much better. Note that it does not follow Mensencia, where we give all tracks that you find your style.