Menorca's Most Beautiful Beaches

Menorca’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Something that Menorca is famous for, is the many beaches that are clean with crystal clear water and that are pure dream for divers and snorkelers. What is so nice about Menorca is that the tourists are not crowded like packed herrings but you can always find a secluded place to breathe. Whether you are in the north, south, west or east, Menorca has several outstanding beaches that you have never seen before. Here are some tips on gold grains where the sun is strong, the sand is white and the sea provides you with new energy.

Cala and Brut

For those who are a little adventurous and like to jump from high altitudes into the turquoise shimmering water, Cala en Brut is a beach that does not go off for picks. The entire beach is built on several plateaus that allow you to jump from different heights. There is no sand here so this is a beach for older children and adults, but you can always find a place where you can spread out without disturbing other bathers. There are stairs that take visitors up and down the cliffs. You can not really call this a beach but more a bay or lagoon and that is what makes Cala en Brut an unusual bathing spot.

Cala Galdana

According to Cheeroutdoor, one of Menorca’s most beautiful bathing spots is located in Cala Galdana which is a resort in the northwestern part of the island but on the south side of the island towards Mallorca. This is one of Menorca’s most child – friendly tourist resorts and one thing that makes it extra famous is the shallow sandy beach with clear water and the large cliffs at the sides that prevent the emergence of currents. If you go up on the cliffs with pine trees, you can see the entire resort and this makes Cala Galdana one of Menorca’s most photographed bathing coves. Around the beach you will find several bars and restaurants serving good fish. Inside the “city” you will find a selection of small shops and hotels. On this beach you can also practice different kinds of water sports and dive along the cliffs that serve as homes for fish, anemones and starfish.

La Vall

This is one of Menorca’s most child – friendly beaches and is located just 10 minutes from the old town of Cituadella. La Vall is one of the favorites of the menorcins themselves and despite its popularity, it is never packed with people here. Here the sand is fine-grained and reddish and the water is clear blue. It consists of two bays that are especially sought after by smaller children and as the beach belongs to a marine nature reserve, there is a lot to glimpse below the water surface. The water has hardly any currents at all, which means that you can swim far out and enjoy. However, La Vall has no restaurants or parasol rentals, so you must bring your own food and accessories. However, there is a lifeguard in case of problems. It is also possible to rent a kayak.

Son Bou

On the south coast of Menorca is Son Bou which is the island’s longest beach with 2.5 km. This is for the most part a completely untouched beach as only a third is used to the maximum by tourists and this is also where the restaurants are located. If you want to be at peace, you should go west along the sand, you are guaranteed to be for yourself.

Menorca's Most Beautiful Beaches