May We Introduce: Ready to Rent – Dresses Borrow Rather Than Buy

Isabelle de Hillerin, Michael Sontag, Issever Bahri and By Marlene Birger create dream collections, in which we us only too gladly daily would wrap, that wonderfully should join us for posh events and and so much better than any 08/15 pieces of the big fashion houses. The large, thick, impenetrable hook but is and remains: their price. Don’t get us wrong, we best understand this – if the number of pieces in the production that is too small, the quality and the materials above-average high and individual work time of each takes many hours, then a price for economic reasons must be already higher than when the mass product.

The heart wants, how you not notice the purse only unfortunately. We great, that shoot more and more projects off the ground, that want to lend us their favorite pieces easily. We were more than excited by the Kleiderei, now comes prêt à Louer: an online portal that provides not only elegant dresses on loan, but at the same time is the greatest support in terms of evening wear. Because you know all: rent rather than buy. To invest the price of a piece of expensive hurts already in your wallet – is a piece that we wear only once or twice, really painful. Knock it off and stop by!

Special  ready to rent? There are German young designers such as Isabelle de Hillerin, Issever Bahri, barre | noire and Michael Sontag in addition to established labels such as Guido Maria Kretschmar, Prodigy, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, By Marlene Birger, and many more. For our taste a great deal – alone Madame Karlotta Wilde and kaviar Gauche missing for our taste. At all: The entire offer is meanwhile still somewhat pointed, just the accessories are adaptable – we are sure that all is yet to come after a gentle start-up phase but 100 percent and meanwhile again looking at the clothes and underwear. The latter is offered there is even for sale.

The next party, the upcoming wedding or dinner by werweibwem – we are ready now and put like a little to expensive loans!